You asked: Which is better amity or Chandigarh University?

Which is better Chandigarh university or Amity University?

First of all Congratulating you on your nice performance that you deserve both of the nice college and I would like to tell you that based on two choices if you were to take my opinion then I would suggest you to take admission in chandigarh University as it has an edge over Amity University noida not only in terms of …

Is Chandigarh University worth joining?

Overall i have a good experience with chandigarh university

Chandigarh university is a great place to study your UG and PG’s with great infrastructure and also having great hostels with it. Students can find all facilities like free wi-fi, free buses and many more.

Which is better chitkara or Chandigarh University?

Answering your question, Chandigarh University is well-renowned University by now in comparison to Chitkara University and talking in terms of curriculum and placements ahead in your course duration, Chandigarh University will prove to be a better option that Chitkara University.

Is Amity a good university?

Amity provides good opportunities. All the students I spoke to were satisfied despite major drawbacks. However, it still has a long way to go before it is perceived as an institute committed to providing quality education, than just another money making entity.

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What is the fees of Chandigarh University?

Chandigarh University, Chandigarh Fee Structure and List of Courses Summary

Course Duration Fees
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] 4 year(s) 5,76,000
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.} 3 year(s) 1,80,000
Master of Pharmacy [M.Pharm] 2 year(s) 2,00,000
Master of Science [M.Sc] 1 year(s) 1,00,000

Is LPU better than Amrita University?

CS placements for both the colleges is quite good, your performanc will in the end depend on your skills only. However, in LPU, you can get a great exposure to the life and meet many different people but the kind of support and facility given to students in Amrita University is also commendable. Hope this helps!

Is Chandigarh University fake?

No, Chandigarh University does not have fake placement record. Chandigarh University has been awarded with the title ” University with Best Placements ” in India. … So, Chandigarh University does not have fake placements. It holds a good placement record till now.

Is it difficult to get into Chandigarh University?

Yes, you can get direct admission in Chandigarh University. Chandigarh University is one of the fastest growing Universities in India with its top class education.CU provides you quality education at affordable fees.It is easy to get admission in Chandigarh University. Just you have to follow some Admission Criteria.

Is Chandigarh University Best?

Chandigarh University Ranking 2020:

Ranked 84 for Engineering by the NIRF. Ranked 45 for Commerce by The Week. Ranked 14 for Private Engineering by The Week. Ranked 75 for Engineering by India Today.

Is Amity good for CSE?

Tech in CSE from Amity University, Noida, as its department and the placement cell is good. You will get great exposure and a good placement in the top MNCs of the country.

Is Amity University Noida good for a B. Tech in CSE?

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Fees INR 13.88 Lakh
Highest Package INR 18 LPA
Average Package INR 3 LPA

Is Amity a fake university?

It is not only responsible for placement of Amity, Noida students but also responsible for placement of students from other university campuses. … Today, Amity is indeed a big brand name but don’t go by its brand name. Its just fake and earned by numerous advertisements at different levels and false publicity.

Which campus of Amity is best?

Hi maanya, This is rachna here, and one of the most finest campus in the amity university is only amity noida. As it reguired better quality of study and have very good placement record.

Is Amity blacklisted?

Many companies have blacklisted amity itself. Even UGC used to count amity in fake university until they paid heavy salary to politicans . The person who has created amity is an criminal himself , he has excelent record of doing fraud not only in india but abroad (germany police is after him).

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