You asked: How do you say year in college in Chinese?

Besides your major, you may also be asked your year in college. To ask what year you are in college you would say 你大学几年级了?(nǐ dà xué jǐ nián jí le?)

How do you say I am a college student in Chinese?

More Chinese words for I am a student. Wǒ shì xuéshēng. I am a student, I am a student.

How do you say third year in college in Chinese?

大三 : third-year univ… : dà sān | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

How do you say second year student in Chinese?

大二 : second-year uni… : dà èr | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

How do you say freshman year in Chinese?

In America, a freshman is a student who is in his or her first year at university or college.

  1. American English: freshman /ˈfrɛʃmən/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: calouro.
  3. Chinese: 大一生
  4. European Spanish: estudiante de primer año.
  5. French: étudiant de première année.
  6. German: Erstsemester.
  7. Italian: matricola.
  8. Japanese: 大学一年生

What do you call a Chinese student?

Chinese Translation (Simplified): 我是学生。 Pinyin: wo3 shi4 xue2 sheng1.

How do you say I am a junior in college in Chinese?

In the U.S. we would usually reply by saying freshman, sophomore, junior or senior.

The Chinese translations of freshman, sophomore, junior and senior are as follows:

  1. Freshman: 大一 dà yī
  2. Sophomore: 大二 dà èr.
  3. Junior: 大三 dà sān.
  4. Senior: 大四 dà sì
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How do you say junior in high school in Chinese?

Change the 一 to 二三四 for sophomore, junior, senior. Generally, “gao zhong sheng” (高中生). “Gao zhong” means high school, and “sheng” means “student”.

What does freshman mean?

1 : a student in the first year of high school or college. 2 : beginner, newcomer especially : a person who is starting a job or activity freshman lawmakers.

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