Why is NCAA 2014 so expensive?

As demand ceases and supply grows, prices decrease. Since EA can’t make more supply, prices can only go up. … Essentially, NCAA prices have skyrocketed because EA can’t make and sell more copies of NCAA Football 14.

Why is NCAA Football 2014 so expensive?

Why The Game Is So Expensive, A Market Explanation.

Demand for NCAA ’14 is pushing prices, but short supply is inflating cost: Because of the NIL saga, EA can’t currently sell the game on digital storefronts like Steam, XBox or Playstation. … It’s rare to see a widely produced video game this young become so expensive.

What is NCAA 14 worth?

NCAA Football 14 Xbox 360

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-07-04 NCAA Football 14 – Xbox 360 $79.35
2021-07-03 NCAA Football 14 (Xbox 360, 2013) Complete And In Very Good Condition $60.00
2021-07-03 NCAA Football 14 (Xbox 360, 2013) $52.00
2021-07-02 NCAA Football 14 (Xbox 360, 2013) $60.00

What is so special about NCAA Football 14?

NCAA® Football 14 unlocks the unpredictability and innovation of the college game. The new physics-driven animation system and a completely re-engineered spread and read option game influence the outcome of every moment allowing you to stay true to the game.

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Why is NCAA 11 so expensive?

NCAA 11 was the last time they made a PS2 game. Since there are newer versions of the game on PS3(NCAA 12-14), that version holds less value. Availability. You’re also buying from 2 different 3rd party sellers meaning they set prices differently.

Is NCAA football coming back?

In February, EA announced the reboot of its beloved NCAA Football series, only without the NCAA branding. The game will be called EA Sports College Football.

Is NCAA 20 coming out?

When is the game coming? The new NCAA rules will not take effect until 2021, and EA probably do not have the time and licenses to make a good game for release in summer 2020 even if they were allowed. However, what it does mean is we could see the return of the franchise for the 2021 season.

Are NCAA 14 servers still up?

NCAA 14 has been officially “sunset’ by EA. They will no longer have a server to access online content like rosters and dynasties.

Is NCAA 14 PS3 worth?

NCAA Football 14 Playstation 3

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-06-05 NCAA Football 14 (PlayStation 3, 2013) NEW $85.00
2021-06-04 NCAA Football 14 ~ BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED ~ PlayStation 3 PS3 $166.69
2021-05-28 NCAA Football 14 (PlayStation 3, 2013) $53.00
2021-05-24 NCAA Football 2014 PS3 Brand New PlayStation 3 $79.99

What engine did NCAA 14 use?

NCAA Football 14 will feature the same physics engine seen in Madden 13, the Infinity Engine. EA Tiburon is calling the engine the “Infinity Engine 2” specifically, which certainly drives the point home about its expected improvements.

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Is NCAA 14 the best football game?

Yeah, there is so much about NCAA Football 14 that is just outstanding. And yes, it could have been so much better. Had there been just one more game adding on everything it was missing, it would be definetly the best video game of all time, hands down.

Can you buy NCAA 14 on PS4?

Perhaps in recognition that July once was the month for NCAA Football’s launch, NCAA Football 14, the three-year-old, final edition of the series, is $19.99 on both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace. You can’t find a new version cheaper at any major retailer.

What NFL players are in NCAA 14?

There are plenty of terrific offensive players to choose from, but there are also three defensive players, including one who holds down the top spot.

  • Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia.
  • Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan. …
  • Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson. …
  • Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson. …
  • Denicos Allen, LB, Michigan State. …
  • Ka’Deem Carey, RB, Arizona. …

What is the rarest sport?

Additional Rare and Valuable Sports Games

  • Slap Shot – Sega Master System -$40-$57 (US release has the blue label and is the rare copy)
  • 3D Baseball – Sega Saturn – $20-$40.
  • Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition – Sega Genesis – $25-$40.
  • Chavez II – Super Nintendo – $15-$40.
  • Olympic Soccer – 3DO – $25.


What is the rarest Madden game?

Outside of this mass production, there is one title that is not common and is one of the few sports titles that hold value for collectors. John Madden Football Championship Edition was a rental store exclusive released in 1992 for the Sega Genesis and it is the Holy Grail for retro sports gaming collectors.

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Is NCAA 13 better than 14?

’13 has the ridiculous player movement and ai flaws that allow cheesers to not play real football (4-verts and running off tackle every single play). ’14 has toned that down some, which I have noticed cause some people (cheesers) to not like the game. ’14 is definitely the best of this generation.

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