Who won the 1979 college basketball championship?

How many points did Larry Bird score in the 1979 NCAA championship game?

An undefeated Larry Bird and Indiana State faced Magic Johnson and Michigan State in the 1979 NCAA men’s national championship game. Magic scored a game-high 24 points and Michigan State went on to win 75-64 in what’s reported to be the highest-rated college basketball broadcast of all time.

Who won the 1978 NCAA basketball championship?

In 1978, Kentucky won its fifth national championship, denying Duke its first title in the national final. The Wildcats were led by Jack Givens, who won Most Outstanding Player after scoring 41 points in the title game.

Who beat Indiana in 1979?

Michigan State, coached by Jud Heathcote, won the national title with a 75–64 victory in the final game over Indiana State, coached by Bill Hodges. Indiana State came into the game undefeated, but couldn’t extend their winning streak.

1979 NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament.

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NCAA Division I Men’s Tournaments
«1978 1980»

Who did Indiana State lose to in 1979?

In the game, the Indiana State Sycamores of the Missouri Valley Conference faced the Michigan State Spartans of the Big Ten Conference. The Sycamores entered the contest undefeated for the season, while the Spartans had six losses.

1979 NCAA Division I Basketball Championship Game.

Michigan State Spartans Indiana State Sycamores
AP: 3 AP: 1

Who was better Jordan or Bird?

Jordan, often considered the greatest player of all time, was the flashy, high-rising dunker who could light up the scoreboard on any given night. Bird, was the better shooter and had a more complete game. When it came to head-to-head competitions, Jordan usually won the individual battles, while Bird won the war.

Who has more championships Magic or Bird?

Per game, Bird scored 24.3 points, picked 10 rebounds, and delivered 6.3 assists. In comparison, Magic`s stats are 19.5, 7.2 and 11.2, respectively. … This is why he has two more championships over Bird.

Has a NCAA basketball team gone undefeated?

And the most recent undefeated title came in 1976, at the hands of Indiana. Bob Knight was in his fifth year. In 1975, Knight’s fourth season with the Hoosiers, he coached the team to a perfect 29-0 regular season, before falling to Kentucky in the NCAA tournament regional finals.

Who won the 1975 NCAA basketball championship?

UCLA Bruins men’s basketball

Who won the NCAA basketball championship in 1976?

Indiana became the seventh undefeated national champion in NCAA tournament history at the conclusion of the 1976 tournament. The Hoosiers finished the season 32-0, capped by an 86-68 win over Michigan in the title game.

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Who was in the Final Four in 1980?

The Cardinals’ Darrell Griffith earned Most Outstanding Player honors. UCLA later vacated its appearance. Iowa and Purdue also made the Final Four in Indianapolis. This year marked the expansion to 48 teams.

1980 NCAA tournament: Upsets.

Team Score Opponent
No. 10 Lamar 81-77 No. 2 Oregon State

Who won the 1974 NCAA basketball championship?

NC State Wolfpack men’s basketball

Has Indiana state ever won a national championship?

National team championships (3)

As of December 1, 2018, Indiana State has won one NCAA team championship. The men’s basketball team won the 1950 NAIA National Championship. … In 1973 and 1979, the team finished third in the NCAA Championships.

What year did Indiana State go undefeated?

Gonzaga is shooting for history, but history has frowned on the last four teams that entered the NCAA Tournament undefeated since Indiana ran the table in 1976. 1979 – Indiana State: Indiana State, led by Larry Bird, came up short against Magic Johnson and Michigan State 75-64 in the championship title game.

What is Larry Bird’s net worth?

Sixty-three years old Larry is an American and was born on December 7, 1956. His unique number single-handedly secured his place as one of the most skilled players ever.

Larry Bird | Quick Facts.

Full Name Larry Joe Bird
Children 3 children
Profession Basketball Player, Coach, and executive
Net Worth $55 million

What seed was Villanova in 1985?

The lowest-seeded team to go all the way and win the championship was the 1985 Villanova squad, a No. 8 seed. The Wildcats beat top-seeded Georgetown that year in what is still considered one of the greatest upsets in March Madness history.

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