What is the oldest university in Arkansas?

University of the Ozarks traces its roots back to 1834, making it the oldest university in Arkansas and one of the oldest institutions of higher education west of the Mississippi River.

What was the first college in Arkansas?

Cane Hill College, originally Cane Hill School, was the first institution of higher learning in Arkansas.

Cane Hill College.

Canehill College Building
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Location McClellan and College St., Canehill, Arkansas

How many universities are in Arkansas?

The State of Arkansas is home to over 40 institutions of higher education, including 10 four-year universities, 22 two-year colleges, 12 private universities and 1 academic health center.

What is the number one college in Arkansas?

Top 10 Best Colleges in Arkansas

Rank School Location
1 University of Arkansas-Main Campus Fayetteville, AR
2 Hendrix College Conway, AR
3 Lyon College Batesville, AR
4 Ouachita Baptist University Arkadelphia, AR

What is the largest university in Arkansas?

The University of Arkansas (U of A, UArk, or UA) is a public land-grant research university in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It is the flagship campus of the University of Arkansas System and the largest university in Arkansas.

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What do Arkansas fans yell?

Calling the Hogs

Raise your arms above your head during the The Hog Call, yell “Wooo” and wiggle your fingers for a few seconds. Next, bring both arms straight down with fists clinched while yelling, “Pig.”

When did Arkansas become a college?

Founding. The state legislature approved establishment of a land-grant university, to be known as the Arkansas Industrial University, on March 27, 1871. The federal Morrill Land Grant Act granted lands to Arkansas that could be sold, the revenues from which could then be used to pay for creation of the university.

Is Arkansas a good place to live?

Arkansas is a good place to live especially if you prefer to live close to the vast American wilderness. Given the natural beauty of the state and that the cost of living is low across most of the state; there are scores of great areas to live in Arkansas.

What are the Top 5 paying jobs in Arkansas?

Top 25 Highest-Paying Jobs in Arkansas

  • Internists, General. $266,980.
  • Surgeons. $260,950.
  • Orthodontists. $259,010.
  • Obstetricians & Gynecologists. $244,290.
  • Anesthesiologists. $219,640.
  • Family & General Practitioners. $212,480.
  • Podiatrists. $190,710.
  • Pediatricians, General. $188,140.


What is Arkansas College name?


School Location Control
University of Arkansas System eVersity Online Campus Public
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock Public
University of Arkansas at Monticello Monticello Public
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Pine Bluff Public

What is the best school in Arkansas?

The top ranked public schools in Arkansas are Haas Hall Academy, Haas Hall Academy Bentonville and Haas Hall Academy At The Lane. The cities and towns with the highest concentration of top ranked public schools are Greenbrier, Harrison and Greenwood.

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Is Arkansas a good college?

University of Arkansas is ranked #160 in National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Are Arkansas colleges good?

About half of the colleges and universities in Arkansas are publicly funded, including schools within the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University systems. A mix of private liberal arts colleges and midsize universities are also located in Arkansas.

What is the most expensive college in Arkansas?

Among Colleges in Arkansas, Hendrix College has the most expensive tuition & fees of $49,490 and Crowley’s Ridge Technical Institute has the lowest tuition & fees of $1,350.

What is the biggest high school in Arkansas?

The largest public school in Arkansas (by enrollment) is Bentonville High School with 3,126 students.

What college in Arkansas has the most students?

Recommended Schools

Rank School Name # of Students
1 University of Arkansas 28,005
2 Arkansas State University-Main Campus 17,545
3 University of Arkansas at Little Rock 15,179
4 Pulaski Technical College 14,406
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