What is the minimum GPA for Nccu?

Score at least a 875 on the SAT or 53 on the ACT. Maintain a GPA of at least a 3.27.

What are the requirements for Nccu?


Admission Requirements
Required Transcript of high school record A minimum high school GPA of 2.5 Other requirements exist (see below)
Other requirements: University of North Carolina System minimum course requirements

What is the average SAT score for Nccu?

Reading and Writing 450-530, Math 440-520 (2019–20)

Does Nccu require SAT?

Requirements for admission to NCCU include the following: SAT or ACT test scores are not required for students at this time. Please note that NCCU is not a test optional institution; however, we have elected to waive your scores during the 2020–2021 school year.

Is it hard to get into Nccu?

The acceptance rate at North Carolina Central University is 38.2%. For every 100 applicants, 38 are admitted. This means the school is very selective. If you meet North Carolina Central University’s requirements for GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other components of the application, you have a great shot at getting in.

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What is the acceptance rate for Nccu?

68% (2020)

What is the GPA to get into Nccu?

Applicants need about average high school grades to get into North Carolina Central University. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at North Carolina Central University was 3.1 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily B students are accepted and ultimately attend.

What is the tuition for Nccu?

In-state tuition 6,534 USD, Out-of-state tuition 19,241 USD (2019 – 20)

Is NCAT hard to get in?

How hard is it to get into NCAT and can I get accepted? The school has a 58% acceptance rate ranking it #19 in North Carolina for lowest rate of acceptance.

What GPA do you need to get into A&T?

The GPA requirement at North Carolina A&T State University is 3.61. The GPA requirement at North Carolina A&T State University is 3.61.

What ACT score do you need to get into Nccu?

Admissions Overview

Students that get into North Carolina Central have an average SAT score between 890-1050 or an average ACT score of 17-19. The regular admissions application deadline for North Carolina Central is rolling.

How many credits do you need to transfer to Nccu?

The maximum number of transferable credits from a two-year college is 64 semester hours. There is currently no limit for transferring credits from a four-year institution.


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Spring November 15
Summer April 15
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