What is the fee to attend Blinn College for 30 hours?

In-District $3,930
Out-of-District $5,670
Out-of-State $10,440
Average Public University in Texas: In-State $10,095
Average Public University in Texas: Out-of-State $24,438

How much is a credit hour at Blinn College?

Under the new rates, in-district tuition will be $55 per credit hour, out-of-district tuition will be $112 per credit hour, and the non-resident tuition rate for students from outside the State of Texas will be $272 per credit hour. The new general fee will be $67 per credit hour.

How much is Blinn tuition?

How much can I save as a student in the Blinn TEAM program?

Scenario Estimated Cost
TEAM Student taking 1 TAMU and 3 Blinn classes (12 Hours total) $2,876.24
TEAM Student taking 2 TAMU and 2 Blinn classes (12 Hours total) $3371.48
TEAM Student taking 1 TAMU and 4 Blinn classes (15 Hours total) $3401.20

How much is room and board at Blinn?

Blinn College District 2020-2021 Cost Of Attendance

In District Out of State
Board $ 2,800.00 $ 4,966.00
Room $ 5,695.00 $ 6,490.00
Books & Misc $ 1,200.00 $ 1,200.00
Travel $ 3,338.00 $ 3,338.00
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Is Blinn College expensive?

In fact, your tuition at Blinn is one-third the cost of most major four-year schools and thousands of dollars less than private institutions.

What’s the acceptance rate for Blinn?

How hard is it to get into Blinn College? Blinn College is a most selective institution. The Blinn College acceptance rate is 100%.

How much are online classes at Blinn?

The school offers undergraduate degree programs only. For the academic year 2020-2021, the tuition & fees are $3,960 for Texas residents and $5,700 for other students on average.

Online Program Overview.

School Name Blinn College
Type Public, 2-4 years
Address 902 College Ave, Brenham, TX
Online Degree Programs

Which Blinn is closest to A&M?

Located just minutes from Texas A&M University, the Blinn College-Bryan Campus offers a personalized education with all the benefits of a large college town.

What GPA do you need for Blinn team?


Successful completion of the program requires that participants have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on at least 45 hours of transferable work from Blinn College and a minimum GPA of 2.5 on at least 15 credit hours from Texas A&M.

Is Blinn team hard to get into?

Their overall acceptance rate is 60% (21,676 out of 35, 667 apps), but those are including the PSA and TEAM program students. Students who are admitted under the Top 10% rule make up about half of the accepted students (10,830/21, 676). The acceptance rate directly into A&M is 40% (10,830+3446 out of 35,667).

Does Blinn have dorms?

Is student housing available? Yes, the Blinn-Brenham Campus is offering on-campus housing at full capacity this fall. If you are interested in student housing for an upcoming semester, please contact the Housing Department or visit www.blinn.edu/housing.

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How do you pay for Blinn classes?

Blinn makes education affordable to students by providing an option to pay tuition and fees in full or in installments. You can pay by e-check or credit card. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and visa credit cards.

Does Blinn require you to live on campus?

You must be a Blinn College-Brenham Campus student enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours with no convictions or pending felony or misdemeanor charges to be eligible to live in on-campus housing. Students living on campus must provide proof of health insurance through their MyBlinn housing portal.

Does Blinn College have a meal plan?

Use your meal plan in the Dining Hall by simply swiping your Blinn ID. Residents may purchase the Blue meal plan with 19 meals per week or the Silver meal plan with 14 meals per week. The meal plan for Blinn College Park Apartment residents consists of 11 meals per week.

Does Blinn College offer scholarships?

Helping students reach their goals one class at a time!

The Blinn College Foundation awards over 200 scholarships annually to students attending the Brenham, Bryan, RELLIS, Sealy, and Schulenburg campuses. Students who receive these scholarships excel inside and outside of the classroom.

How do I enroll in Blinn College?

Blinn has an open admissions policy, and all students are welcome. If you have never enrolled in a course at Blinn, apply now using the online ApplyTexas application. Once you have completed your admissions file, you are eligible to register for credit classes at all Blinn College District locations and online.

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