What is the biggest university in Uganda?

Makerere University, Kampala (/məˈkɛrəri/ ; Mak) is Uganda’s largest and oldest institution of higher learning, first established as a technical school in 1922. It became an independent national university in 1970.

What is the most expensive university in Uganda?

List of The Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In Uganda 2021

  • Makerere University.
  • Kampala International University.
  • Kyambogo University.
  • Uganda Martyrs University.
  • Uganda Christian University, Mukono.
  • Nkumba University.
  • Lugazi University.
  • Gulu University.

Which one is the best university in Uganda?

2021 Ugandan University Ranking

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# University Town
1 Makerere University Kampala
2 Kampala International University Kampala …
3 Uganda Christian University Mukono …

How many universities are there in Uganda?

From one public university that started in 1922, Uganda today boasts of 53 universities; nine of them public and 44 private.

Which is the oldest university in Uganda?

Established in 1922 as a technical school offering courses in carpentry, building and mechanics, Makerere University in Uganda is the oldest higher education institution in the country.

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Which is the cheapest university in Uganda?

The most affordable course across the board is BA Education at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU). It costs Shs511, 000. The most expensive Education course is at UCU in Mukono and costs Shs1, 038, 000 per semester.

What is the best secondary school in Uganda?

Uganda Top 10 Secondary Schools

  • Namilyango College.
  • St. Henry’s College Kitovu.
  • London College of St. Lawrence.
  • Ntare School.
  • Uganda Marytrs S.S. Namugongo.
  • 3 St. Mary’s Kitende Boarding Senior Secondary School.
  • St. Mary’s College, Kisubi.
  • Mt. St. Mary’s College Namagunga.

What is the most expensive private university in Uganda?

The most expensive universities in Uganda.

Focal Point Uganda.

  • Kampala International University (KIU)
  • Makerere University (MUK)
  • Kyambogo University (KYU)
  • Uganda Martyrs University(UMU)
  • Uganda Christian University, Mukono(UCU)
  • East African University.
  • Lugazi University.
  • Gulu University.

Which school has the highest number of students in Uganda?

Masaka Secondary School is a public middle and high school, administered by the Uganda Ministry of Education & Sports. With a student population in excess of 4000 in 2016, the school is one of the largest secondary schools in the country and east Africa.

How are universities in Uganda?

Uganda | Ranking Web of Universities: Webometrics ranks 30000 institutions.

What are the best schools in Uganda?

Best schools in Kampala considered by expats

  • Aga Khan High School (International Stream) …
  • Galaxy International School Uganda. …
  • GEMS Cambridge International School. …
  • Heritage International School. …
  • Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) (formerly Kabira International School) …
  • Rainbow International School.

What are the best primary schools in Uganda?

Find the list of top 100 schools in Uganda

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1 St Savio Kisubi P/S Wakiso 137
2 Uganda Martyrs Katwe 130
3 Namilyango Jun Boys 127
4 Kisosso Parents P/S 100

Which universities are chartered in Uganda?

List of Chartered Universities in Uganda 2021

  • Kampala International University.
  • Kampala University.
  • Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi.
  • Busoga University, located in Iganga.
  • Busitema University, located in Busitema.
  • Bugema Adventist University.
  • Uganda Christian University, Mukono.
  • Mountains of the Moon University (MMU).

What is the oldest secondary school in Uganda?

Namilyango College is the oldest secondary school in Uganda. It is a boys-only boarding middle and high school located in Mukono District in the Central Region of Uganda, whose history and excellence in academics and sports have made it one of the most prestigious schools in Uganda.

How old is kyambogo?

Kyambogo University was established in 2003 by the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 by merging Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo (UPK), the Institute of Teacher Education, Kyambogo (ITEK), and the Uganda National Institute of Special Education (UNISE).

Is Makerere University good?

Makerere University is ranked #631 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

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