What is a block plan in college?

At a handful of colleges in the U.S. and Canada, you can do exactly that. These schools have what they call a “block plan,” a schedule in which students take one course for 3-4 weeks, after which they typically have a 3-4 day break before starting the next class.

What are college blocks?

Block scheduling or blocking is a type of academic scheduling used in schools in the American K-12 system, in which each pupil has fewer classes per day. … In one form of block scheduling, a single class will meet every day for a number of days, after which another class will take its place.

Is block scheduling good or bad?

According to the National Education Association, these are some benefits of block schedule: Students have more time for reflection and less information to process over the course of a school day. … Teachers see fewer students during the day, giving them more time for individualized instruction.

What is block plan in education?

May 4, 2020. Moving to a Block Plan is the ninth of 15 potential scenarios we imagine schools will be considering for the fall. As practiced by institutions such as Colorado College and Cornell College, a Block Plan structures the academic semester so that students take a single course over three or four weeks.

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What does a block schedule mean in college?

In a block-scheduling situation, a student takes, and a faculty member teaches, one course at a time during a three- to four-week period. For example, Colorado College faculty teach one block during a three-and-a-half-week period.

What colleges have block schedule?

The Block Plan is a unique class schedule used by a few schools such as Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO), Cornell College (Mount Vernon, IA), and Tusculum College (Greeneville, TN). The Block Plan entails taking one course at a time for three and a half weeks (and professors teach one at a time, as well).

What colleges offer block scheduling?

The 5 Best Colleges with Non-Traditional Schedules

  1. Cornell College. Cornell College is located in Mt. …
  2. Colorado College. Colorado College, in Colorado Springs, runs a similar schedule. …
  3. Knox College. Galesburg, Illinois is home to Knox College, which runs on a 3 by 3 schedule. …
  4. Tusculum College. …
  5. Spalding University.


What is good about block scheduling?

Pope says a block schedule creates a “saner school day” by slowing down the pace, reducing homework and freeing up more time for hands-on learning and collaboration – “the things that we know will make the learning stick better and take some of the pressure off students.” Pope also advocates starting school later.

Does block scheduling help students?

Collaboration between teachers is possible because block scheduling gives them longer time periods in which they can exchange ideas and strategies, hold meetings with each other, and work on staff development (Rettig & Canady, 1996). The results show that students’ grades improve overall.

Does block scheduling prepare students for college?

Proponents of block scheduling believe that it is the best way to prepare students for college. … Individualized instruction time is more plausible as a teacher with see fewer students in a single day, and longer cooperative learning activities are better able to be worked into lesson plans.

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What is the lesson plan?

A lesson plan is a teacher’s guide for facilitating a lesson. It typically includes the goal (what students need to learn), how the goal will be achieved (the method of delivery and procedure) and a way to measure how well the goal was reached (usually via homework assignments or testing).

How do you teach a block schedule?

If you find yourself teaching in blocks next year, here are some ideas to help you transition.

  1. Add something fun every day. This is the first thing any block trainer will tell you. …
  2. Varied instruction is now your friend. …
  3. Expect your timing to be off. …
  4. Commit to review time every period.


What is a blocking plan?

: an outline sketch : a plan in which only broad general features are indicated.

What are block weeks?

Block week courses allow students to work with prominent practitioners and educators, architects, planners and landscape architects, from around the world in an intensive study. These block courses are a vital and essential aspect of the professional graduate programs.

Does block scheduling improve test scores?

Two research studies found that block scheduling had positive effects on standardized test scores.

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