What do you enjoy about being a school student?

What did you enjoy being a school student?

What did you enjoy about being a school student? I liked to meet my friends more often, play more and eat more. As a child, I was careless because of my elder siblings who studied along with me in the same school and used to care for me. I think I enjoyed all those things.

What is the best thing about being a student at your school?

Learn new things: A student gets a chance to explore this open world and learn new things in everyday of your school. Understanding and discovering new things of life with a theoretical support gives you a good feeling and you will start feeling the purpose of your life.

What do I love about my students?

So here are my top 5 reasons for loving my students.

  • They Make Me Laugh. …
  • They are Endearing. …
  • They Teach Me Things. …
  • They Humble Me. …
  • They Make Me a Better Person.


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How do you enjoy school?

Here are some helpful tips to enjoy school:

  1. Attend school on a regular basis. It is vital that you attend school every day. …
  2. Be prepared. Too many students arrive to school unprepared. …
  3. Get enough rest. …
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast. …
  5. Take classes that interest you, and make all others work for you. …
  6. Participate in class.


Do you enjoy special days in school why?

Answer: yes I enjoy the special days of school because I play and spend times with my best friends.

Do you think school is fun?

It’s not only a place for studying, School is a place where you can learn many things like dance, drama, sports, singing, sewing. There gets so many memories in school life which one can cherish for life. … Once you pass out from school then you miss all these activities, your friends, your class, your teachers.

What is the hardest part of being a student?

The most difficult part of being a student can be having the self-discipline to study every day and prepare for tests ahead of time. School should be treated like your job, and if you want to do well, you will need to put in the work.

What benefits do students get?

The financial advantages of being a student

  • Discounts and deals. Student discounts are available in most shops, restaurants and bars and are a good way to cut down costs. …
  • Rail travel. …
  • Council Tax exemption. …
  • Student bank accounts. …
  • Overseas travel. …
  • Work experience. …
  • Grants and loans. …
  • Student insurance.
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What are the threats of a student?

Threats might lead to complications… but they might not.

Let’s look at some threats:

  • Poor planning of curriculum/activities.
  • Too much internal communications.
  • Lack of internal communications.
  • New high school development.
  • Plumbing complications.
  • Parent complaints.
  • Employee/work strikes.
  • Lack of funding.


Why do I love my school?

My school teaches me discipline, respect, and responsibility. I love my school because it has lots of facilities. There is a big playground, a computer lab, library, science labs, prayer hall, and a cafeteria. There are so many students studying in the school from Kindergarten to higher secondary classes.

Is it important for students to like?

It matters why you want your students to like you… … If they like you because you genuinely like them and show a real interest in their growth, then they will also respect you and work hard for you. Students do not learn because of teachers, they learn for teachers.”

How can teachers love their students?

By loving their students, teachers seem likely to positively influence their learning and development. This is an engaging attitude for teachers. On the cognitive level, love mobilizes important attention resources, both in class and out of interaction with students.

How can I love studying?

Set yourself up in a comfortable spot to study and vary your choice of location from time to time. Find compatible study partners and make studying a social activity. Reduce the stress of studying by giving yourself regular breaks and rewarding yourself for your hard work. You’ll soon love studying like no other!

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What I most enjoy during my schooling days?

School life teaches us lots of new things and prepares us to face all the challenges of life. I love my school life and really enjoy it. I have lots of friends, and all my teachers love me. I love my school and enjoy going there every day to meet my friends and learn new things.

How do you enjoy a class you hate?

Here are six ways to like the course you hate:

  1. Go to the class. Skipping classes will only make the situation worse. …
  2. Try. …
  3. Don’t procrastinate. …
  4. Talk to the professor. …
  5. Engage with other students. …
  6. Try to connect the class to something you do like.


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