Quick Answer: Is Chadron State College a good school?

Chadron State College is a public institution that was founded in 1911. Chadron State College’s ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities Midwest, #119-#156.

What is Chadron State College known for?

Chadron State College, which was founded in 1911, is the only four-year, regionally-accredited college in the western half of Nebraska. As a public institution of higher education with its roots in teacher education, Chadron State takes pride in its accessibility and affordability.

Is Chadron State a good college?

Chadron State College is ranked #315 out of 1,472 for value nationwide. Compared to other schools of similar quality, Chadron State College is priced well for the kind of quality provided and is thus a good value according to College Factual’s Best for the Money Ranking.

Is Chadron State College accredited?

Chadron State College has been accredited by the HLC since 1923. According to its website, HLC is an independent corporation that was founded in 1895 as one of six regional accreditors in the United States. HLC accredits degree-granting post-secondary institutions in the North Central region, comprised of 19 states.

Is Chadron State College a party school?

Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week.

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What does CSC stand for in college?

CSC College Abbreviation

1 CSC Education, Student, School
1 CSC Education, Student, Nebraska
1 CSC Service, Education, University
1 CSC Education, University, Science
1 CSC School, Government, Education

How many people go to CSC?

How big is CSC? How many students are there? CSC has approximately 720 students.

Is Chadron State d1?

The Eagles belong to the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference and NCAA Division II.

What is the enrollment at Chadron State College?


What is Chadron State College mascot?

Elmo Eagle

What is CSC accreditation?

CSC® is a subspecialty certification for certified nurses who provide direct care to acutely/critically ill adult cardiac surgery patients in the first 48 hours postoperatively.

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