Quick Answer: How do you reduce homesickness in college?

How do I stop feeling homesick in college?

Strategies for Coping with Homesickness

  1. Recognize that feeling homesick is normal and temporary.
  2. Reach out to others for support and share your feelings.
  3. Create new traditions that make campus feel like home.
  4. Familiarize yourself with your new surroundings on campus.
  5. Establish routines that help you get through the day.


How do you overcome homesickness?

6 ways to deal with homesickness

  1. Focus on the positive. I try to focus on the positive aspects of wherever I am. …
  2. Don’t call home too often. DON’T CALL HOME EVERY TIME YOU MISS THEM! …
  3. Keep in touch (because mom misses you). …
  4. Make new friends abroad. …
  5. Write out your feels. …
  6. Treat yo’self to a “day off.”


What percentage of college students get homesick?

Homesickness is a common phenomenon for college students, especially among first year students. According to Hap.org, over 30 percent of college students experience some form of homesickness and around 70 percent of freshmen go through severe homesickness.

Does homesickness go away?

Understand that Homesickness Might Last Forever (to Some Degree) We can’t erase our memories of home 100%, which means, as long as we’re away from home, we’re susceptible to homesickness to a certain degree.

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Can you die from homesickness?

The Homesickness Pandemic

At first, Matt writes, nostalgia was considered a uniquely Swiss disease. … According to Matt, more than 5,000 Union soldiers were diagnosed with nostalgia, including 74 who died. One doctor deemed the illness a fate worse than syphilis. In extreme cases, homesickness drove people to suicide.

What triggers homesickness?

The primary cause of homesickness is a sudden transition or separation from home, but some people are more prone to homesickness than others. Children with a history of anxiety and shy children may be especially prone to homesickness.

Is homesickness a form of anxiety?

Homesickness does not necessarily have anything to do with your home; it merely arises from suppressing change. It is a form of anxiety and depression that develops when someone is placed outside of their comfort zone. It is part of human nature to desire a familiar, comfortable, and secure environment.

How bad can homesickness get?

Homesickness can have similar symptoms to depression, says psychologist Dr Caroline Schuster. In extreme cases it can develop into a panic attack, she says, while it can also result in social withdrawal, sleep disruption, nightmares, and concentration problems.

How does homesickness affect college students?

Homesickness may leave you feeling depressed, anxious, and withdrawn. It may also lead you to experience social and behavioral problems, symptoms of depression and anxiety, coping deficits, academic difficulties, low self-esteem, feelings of helplessness, and obsessive thoughts and behaviors.

Is it normal to be homesick in college?

Over 30 percent of college students experience low-level homesickness. And about 69 percent of first year college students experience severe homesickness. … Homesickness is normal. Many students want to enjoy a home-cooked meal with family or take a break from adult responsibilities and academic pressures.

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How long does homesickness last in college?

One of the most tough times when moving to college was dealing with homesickness, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t last forever. How long does college homesickness last? College homesickness is the worst in the first week to month of moving to college, and slowly subsides after the first month.

Why do I feel homesick for a place I’ve never been?

Fernweh, or farsickness, is also a suffering, but is less clear cut and rectifiable. It is a consuming longing to be somewhere you’ve never been; an aching to be in a distant and unknown land, an ambiguous yearning for anything, anywhere else, as anyone else.

What does it feel like to be homesick?

The symptoms of homesickness includes yearning to go back home, constant feeling of loneliness, sadness for no valid reason, strong feelings of anxiousness, lack of motivation, loss of confidence, depressive thoughts, frequent mood swings, sense of insecurity, living in isolation and simple tasks appear difficult and …

Can you feel homesick at home?

Home is you. When you’ve lost sight of who you are, no where in the world will ever feel like home. You will feel homesick all of the time when you’re disconnected from yourself. Even when swaddled into the oh so familiar, safe arms of home.

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