Quick Answer: How do I apply to University of Vienna?

If you are interested in studying at the University of Vienna, you have to personally apply for admission. If you apply for admission as a non-EU/EEA citizen or without EU/EEA secondary school-leaving certificate/higher education degree, you will receive a “Zulassungsbescheid” (letter of admission).

How do I apply for university in Austria?

Study in Austria: Application Process

  1. Choose a Program.
  2. Check the Admission Requirements.
  3. Prepare the Paperwork.
  4. Submit Your Application.
  5. Apply for an Austrian Student Visa.
  6. Arrive in Austria.


Is University of Vienna free for international students?

Students who are citizens of a non-EU/EEA country pay a fee of 726.72 Euro plus the Students’ Union fee of 20.70 Euro per semester (total sum of 747.42 Euro) unless one of the following exceptions applies.

How do I apply directly to university?

Usually, you can apply through the website of the university directly and submit all the required documents or send them by post. In some countries, you can apply through a specific online platform that is easier to use and also gives you the possibility to apply to more universities at once.

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Can you study in English at the University of Vienna?

Master Programmes taught in English

Degree Programme Required Qualification
Banking and Finance English B2 (admission requirement)
Botany (Botanik) English B2 (admission requirement)
Business Analytics English B2 (admission requirement)
Communication Science English B2 (admission requirement)

Is education free in Austria for international students?

Why study in Austria

Public universities in Austria are free for all EU and EEA citizens; international students only pay around 1,500 EUR per academic year. At universities of applied sciences (UAS), tuition rates vary between 365 and 7,500 EUR depending on the study programme and your nationality.

Are international students allowed to work in Austria?

Working whilst studying

All international students can work whilst studying abroad in Austria. … Other students will be eligible to apply for a work permit, subject to holding a valid residence permit.

Is it expensive to study in Vienna?

950 Euros. The average monthly living expenses for a student in Austria are approximately 950 euros. This may vary a bit, depending on your study location – for example, accommodation and other living costs may be higher in Vienna and other larger cities than for example in Wr. Neustadt.

How much money do I need to study in Vienna?

In Vienna and Salzburg, you should prepare a monthly budget of 900 – 1,300 EUR to cover all your expenses (accommodation, food, social activities and public transportation). In other student cities, like Linz or Graz, living costs range between 900 and 1,000 EUR/month.

How much bank balance is required for Austria student visa?

You have to prove sufficient financial means to finance your stay: students up to 24 years of age have to prove that they have at least 515,30 Euros per month ; students of 24 years of age or older have to prove that they have at least 933,06 Euros per month [as of 2019] – these amounts have to be proved for a maximum …

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Can I still apply for university 2020?

You can still apply, and there’s just one key difference – your application will no longer be guaranteed equal consideration. The Ucas application deadline is usually 15 January, but this year Ucas has extended it by two weeks to 29 January 2021 because of the school closures caused by the latest lockdown.

Do u have to pay to apply to university?

You can only pay for your UCAS application when every section is marked with a red tick. If you’re applying through your school or college, they’ll be able send us your application after you’ve paid. If you’re applying independently, you can hit ‘pay/send’ straight away once your referee has completed their reference.

How can I study abroad with no money?

2. When you’ve less money, look for scholarships!

  1. India Study Abroad Centre.
  2. Alliance for Global Education Need Based Scholarships.
  3. German Academic Exchange Service.
  4. Eastern European Study Abroad.
  5. Uniplaces Scholarships – a website that helps students support their accommodation expenses.
  6. Otago Polytechnic Scholarships.


Which Austrian universities teach in English?

Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. IMC University of Applied Sciences in Krems. Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Is University of Vienna free?

If you are from the EU or Switzerland, then many public universities in Austria are free for you. … These free public universities in Austria include University of Vienna, Johannes Kepler University Linz, University of Graz, Medical University of Vienna, University of Innsbruck, and University of Leoben.

How good is the University of Vienna?

University of Vienna is ranked 150 in QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities and has an overall score of 3.9 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world.

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