Question: What is the phone number for University of Phoenix technical support?

What is the University of Phoenix technical support number?

Technical support is available from 5:00 a.m. through 1:00 a.m. 7 days a week, including select hours on major holidays. Please call 877.832. 4867.

How do I contact University of Phoenix?

By phone: 602-557-4600 or 800-866-3919. By email at

Is a degree from University of Phoenix taken seriously?

Originally Answered: Is a degree from the university of Phoenix taken seriously by employers? Yes. UP is fully accredited and their degrees command respect by prospective employers.

Is University of Phoenix a real university?

The University of Phoenix is a legitimate school because it has regional accreditation, which is considered more prestigious and recognized than the national kind. Due to this, credits earned by its students are transferable to other colleges.

Does fafsa cover University of Phoenix?

All students seeking federal financial aid need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online as soon as possible after October 1. The FAFSA code for University of Phoenix is 014593.

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Is University of Phoenix a good school?

Yes, the University of Phoenix is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission. This is the same accrediting body that oversees brick-and-mortar schools within a 19-state region. The current accreditation is good through the 2021-2022 academic year.

How do I verify my degree from University of Phoenix?

You can request an official transcript 24/7 through your student portal or the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering Center. Please check your unofficial transcript to make sure your coursework and grades have posted before ordering your official transcript.

What is the University of Phoenix email?

University of Phoenix uses 4 email formats, with first ‘. ‘ last (ex. being used 98.0% of the time.

What is the cost of tuition at University of Phoenix?

9,552 USD (2019 – 20)

Why is University of Phoenix bad?

University of Phoenix has been called a “pay for degree school.” One Yelp Review says “Bottom line, University of Phoenix degree is worthless in real world. … The school’s accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission was also placed on notice a while back.

Does a degree from University of Phoenix mean anything?

The University of Phoenix is a fully accredited university by the Higher Learning Commission. Therefore their degree has the same value as any a degree from any other university.

Are online degrees taken seriously?

Online Degree Myth #2: Your degree won’t be taken seriously by prospective employers. … Employers may be suspicious of a degree from one of those large, for-profit diploma mills (and sometimes rightly so), but most are not at odds with online degrees in general.

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Did University of Phoenix lose their accreditation?

The University of Phoenix has been removed from “notice” status by its accrediting agency and faces no other academic sanctions, the company announced Thursday. The Higher Learning Commission, a private, nonprofit regional accrediting agency, took action June 25 after placing the university on notice two years ago.

Is the University of Phoenix easy?

It is a well put together University online. It is extremely easy to complete school. The online is easy to navigate and find my class, and work. The professors are easy to talk to and understand.

Is U of Phoenix accredited?

Institutional Accreditation

University of Phoenix has been continually accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), and its predecessor, since 1978.

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