Question: How thick are college dorm mattresses?

A dorm mattress is a standard 7 inches to 8 inches deep, and since it is not very comfortable, you will certainly want a memory foam topper or mattress protector. This will make your bed undoubtedly more comfortable, and will make sure you have a good night’s sleep.

What size mattresses are in college dorms?

A Twin XL mattress is standard for most college dorm rooms and residence halls. Since Twin XL beds are made with saving space in mind, they do not offer any more width than a standard twin. However, at 39 in. wide by 80 in.

How thick of a mattress topper do I need for college?

The more uncomfortable the mattress is, the better mattress topper you need. And by better, we mean one that’s thicker than regular ones. A topper with three inches of memory foam should be able to turn any kind of mattress into a comfortable sleeping choice.

How thick is a twin XL mattress?

Twin XL Beds typically have mattress thicknesses in the range of 9”-12” (22.9-30.5 cm). The Twin XL Bed is a compact bed having a modern but classy frame with sharp-looking edges designed for tight spaces.

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Why are dorm room beds so high?

There are two things: the height of the bedframe and thickness of the boxspring/mattress assembly. The taller bed height was simply style. Some of it can be traced back to the sumptuous, over done styles of the 1980’s, where everything was bigger, taller, grander than before.

Are most dorm beds Twin XL?

The majority of dorm room beds are actually a Twin XL size, which measures in at a full 5″ longer than a standard Twin. Don’t spend your entire time away at school stretching and pulling a too-small fitted sheet over your mattress.

How often are dorm mattresses replaced?

According to Paul Bailey, president of dorm mattress manufacturer University Sleep, eight years is a pretty standard life expectancy for a dorm mattress.

How can I make my dorm mattress more comfortable?

How To Make A College Dorm Bed More Comfortable

  1. Step 1: Use A Mattress Topper. Mattress toppers are lifesavers for college students. …
  2. Step 2: Invest In High-Quality Sheets. …
  3. Step 3: Layer Comfortable Blankets. …
  4. Step 4: Stock Up On Pillows. …
  5. Protect Your Bed From Bugs.


What is the best mattress topper for a dorm bed?

The Best Mattress Toppers for College and Dorm Rooms

  • Saatva – Editor’s Pick.
  • Layla – Best Cooling Mattress Topper.
  • Tuft & Needle – Best Memory Foam Alternative.
  • Dreamfoam – Best Value Mattress Topper.
  • ViscoSoft – Best For Side Sleepers.

What mattress topper should I buy for college?

The 5 Best Dorm Room Mattress Topper Reviews

  1. Malouf Isolus 2.5″ Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper. FEATURES. …
  2. Sleep Joy 2″ ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper. FEATURES. …
  3. ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper. FEATURES. …
  4. eLuxury Bamboo Pillow Top Mattress Pad. …
  5. Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper.
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Is 2 twin XL same as king?

Therefore two twin beds are not quite equal to a standard king bed. However, two Twin XL are equal to a king. … A regular Twin bed is 39 inches wide and 75 inches long; a standard King bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.

How much bigger is a twin XL than a twin?

The only difference between twin vs twin XL is in the length measurement, with twin XL being 5 inches longer. This means that twin XL is generally best for taller people.

What size is full XL?

Size – Full XL (54” x 80”)

The Full Extra Long mattress is the least common size purchase. It is 5” longer than a Full and 6” narrower than a Queen. If you cannot accommodate the width of a Queen, but still would like the length that the most popular size offers, a Full XL is a fantastic solution.

How high can Dorm beds be raised?

In the US, dorm beds vary in height. They are generally built to be stacked with another bed or other furniture underneath. You can also buy lifts to elevate them about 4–6”. If you choose to raise the bed to have more usable floor space, be sure to install the side rails to prevent falls.

Are lofted dorm beds safe?

young adults’ use of lofted or bunk beds in college dorms, according to the study. The study states people are usually injured on their head and neck. The common types of injuries were lacerations, contusions/abrasions and fractures, with fractures being the third most frequent injury.

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Can you raise dorm beds?

Luckily, you can raise dorm beds the same way you raise a normal bed, with risers.

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