Is there a courtesy runner in college softball?

A. The rule as amended and voted on by the USA Softball Council stated: “Any player may be used as a courtesy runner for the pitcher or catcher.” Based on this, any player on the roster may be used as a Courtesy Runner. However remember the rest of the Courtesy Runner rule would be in effect.

What is a courtesy runner in softball?

A courtesy runner is a runner who runs for another player without it being a charged substitution. (ASA Rule 1 DEFINITIONS). A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher only (ASA Rule 8-10A). A courtesy runner may be any eligible substitute who has not been in the game (8-10C).

What is the difference between a courtesy runner and a pinch runner in softball?

The pinch runner may remain in the game or be substituted for at the manager’s discretion. … The courtesy runner could leave the game and re-enter later, or could be a player already in the game playing a different position. The player who had to leave the game was free to return to play.

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Can someone run for you in softball?

When she gets on base, I can substitute one of my bench players as a pinch runner and then re-enter my first basemen afterwards. … An exception to Softball substitution rule is the Courtesy Runner. A team can use a Courtesy Runner to pinch run for a pitcher or catcher any time they reach base.

Can a coach touch a base runner in college softball?

“The rule says a coach can’t aid or grab a runner.”

Who can be courtesy runner?

2. A Courtesy Runner must be a player who has not yet been in the game at any point. This means that any starters or substitutes who are currently on the bench are NOT eligible to be a Courtesy Runner. Example: Courtesy runner A12 runs for the Catcher in the second inning.

What is a DP flex rule in softball?

A team using the DP starts the game with 10 players on the lineup card, but could end the game with 9 or 10. 9. When the FLEX player bats for the DP, the FLEX player bats in position of the original DP. The DP is considered to have left the game, but the FLEX player has not.

Why do they use pinch runners?

A pinch runner is a substitute used for a runner who is already on base. … The following half inning, the pinch runner may replace the player he substituted on defense as well, or move to another defensive position, or be replaced in turn by a defensive substitute.

What is the purpose of pinch runner?

In Major League Baseball, a pinch runner is a baseball player who serves as a substitute runner for another baseball player. A pinch runner will substitute any player active on a base.

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How many substitutions are allowed in softball?

Rule 4, Section 5 states: Any player may be substituted for or replaced and re-entered once, provided the players occupy their same batting position in the batting order. The intent is once you are replaced and leave the game a second time you are out of the game and can no longer participate.

What are 5 rules of softball?

  • What are the most important rules of softball? Running The Bases. …
  • Running The Bases. …
  • 3 outs per team per inning. …
  • 3 strikes and you’re out. …
  • 4 Balls is a walk. …
  • 7 Innings in a game. …
  • 9 players per team. …
  • Pitchers must throw underhand.

What are the 10 positions in softball?

Below is a standard softball position chart with numbers for each position.

  • Pitcher (P) is fielder #1.
  • Catcher (C) is fielder #2.
  • First Baseman (1B) is fielder #3.
  • Second Baseman (2B) is fielder #4.
  • Shortstop (SS) is fielder #6.
  • Third Baseman (3B) is fielder #5.
  • Left Fielder (LF) is fielder #7.

What is a pinch hitter in softball?

A pinch hitter is a batter used as a substitute for another batter. A pinch hitter only comes into the game when the batter whose turn he is taking is due to bat. At that time, he is “announced into the game”; the batter which he replaced is out of the game for good.

What is the 8 run rule in softball?

In NCAA softball, the rule is invoked if one team is ahead by eight runs after five innings, hence the name “8-run rule.” ISF-sanctioned competitions use 20 runs after three innings, 15 after four, or seven after five. In most states high school softball games use 20 runs after three innings or 10 after five.

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What happens if a base coach touches a runner?

If the base coach base, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists the runner in returning to, or leaving the base, the runner is out and the ball is dead.

Can you steal bases in softball?

Stealing. While leading off is not allowed in fastpitch softball, players are permitted to steal bases, provided they do not leave the base before the pitcher has released the ball.

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