How many students are in BC public schools?

For the upcoming 2019-20 school year, it’s estimated there will be a total of 545,805 students in public school, an increase of 3,155 over 2018-19’s enrolment and 4,892 over 2017-18.

How many students are there in BC schools?

The public school system in B.C. is responsible for the education of 553,000 students. It is divided into 60 district school boards.

How many elementary students are in BC?

The Statistics Canada figures are based on the 2017-2018 school year, when there were 563,244 elementary and secondary school students in B.C. — with 85,000 in the private/independent school system.

What is the largest school in British Columbia?

Killarney Secondary School is a public secondary school in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest public secondary school in the city by area.

Killarney Secondary School
Mascot Cougar
Team name Cougars
Public transit access 26, 49, 430

How many students graduated BC in 2019?

August 1, 2019

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The Ministry released updated Provincial Graduation results on Wednesday, July 31 to over 32,000 students in BC as well as offshore and in the Yukon.

How many school aged children are in BC?

There are 1,578 public and 364 independent schools in B.C.

For the upcoming 2019-20 school year, it’s estimated there will be a total of 545,805 students in public school, an increase of 3,155 over 2018-19’s enrolment and 4,892 over 2017-18.

How many teachers are in BC?

Number of Valid Certificate Holders in B.C.

Certificate Type Number as of December 31, 2020
Certificate of Qualification (COQ) 72,775
Independent School Teaching Certificate (ISTC) 1,839
COQ and ISTC 260
Total 74,874

What is an independent school in BC?

Independent schools (sometimes mistakenly called ‘private schools’ which in BC are for-profit schools) receive Ministry funding and are accountable to the Ministry for the delivery of the BC Curriculum. Independent schools are inspected regularly to ensure they meet all Ministry standards.

How many local school boards are there in BC?

British Columbia in Canada is divided into 60 school districts which administer publicly funded education until the end of grade 12 in local areas or, in the case of francophone education, across the province.

What is the best school in BC?

Top 50 Public High Schools in BC:

Ranking School Name Score 2017-18
1 Langley Fundamental 8.8
2 Agassiz 8.6
3 Dr. Charles Best 8.5
4 GW Graham 8

What school in BC has the most students?

Surrey Schools has the highest student enrolment in B.C. As of September 2020, the district has 74,263 students.

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What is the best school in Surrey BC?

Best high schools in Surrey, BC

  1. Johnston Heights Secondary School. Junior High & High Schools. …
  2. Regent Christian Academy. …
  3. School District No 36 (Surrey) …
  4. Southridge School. …
  5. School District No 36 (Surrey) …
  6. The Maria Montessori School Ltd. …
  7. John Norquay Elementary School. …
  8. The King’s School.

What is a BC Achievement Scholarship?

The B.C. Achievement Scholarship is a $1,250 scholarship that recognizes broad achievement in courses meeting graduation program requirements. The Ministry will determine recipients based on students’ cumulative average percentage in Grades 10, 11 and 12 courses.

How many students graduated in 2019?

Table 1: Graduation Counts and Rates by Student Group

Ethnic/Racial Designation or Program 2020 Graduate Count 2019 Graduation Rate
Migrant Education 4,489 81.6%
Students with Disabilities 40,918 67.7%
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged 276,348 81.1%
Statewide Total 414,193 84.5%

How many grade schools are there in BC?


Total, grade
Total, sex
Alberta8(map) 625,680 673,788
British Columbia9(map) 543,105 561,501
Yukon(map) 5,184 5,448
Students area