How do you get through college orientation?

What should I expect in college orientation?

The most important task you want to complete at orientation is to get acquainted with college life. You will attend “getting to know you” sessions, informational sessions, and advising sessions. You will learn about school policies, general rules, the honor code and more.

How do you survive college orientation?

How To Survive Freshman Orientation

  1. Go to every orientation event.
  2. Unpack and decorate ASAP.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  4. Bond with your roommates, but don’t rely on them.
  5. Everyone is a potential new friend.
  6. Have a support system.
  7. Have fun!


How long does college orientation usually last?

Many universities will hold another student orientation similar to freshman orientation for these transfer students. Freshman orientation lasts a few days or a week, on the other hand, transfer student orientation will typically last between one and three days.

Can you skip college orientation?

Myth: You Can Skip Orientation

In most colleges, orientation is mandatory. Some schools may give you exceptions or excuse you under certain circumstances, but most colleges will require you to go. And there’s really no reason to skip this important introduction to your new college.

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Do parents go to college orientation?

Do parents need to attend college orientation? Orientation for parents is typically not mandatory. … Typically, schools will invite parents to join their teens for an opening orientation session with members of the administration which might include the President, Dean of the College, and Dean of Students.

How do you introduce yourself in college orientation?

You may include following in your introduction:

  1. The start. …
  2. Where are you from? …
  3. Where did you last attend the school? …
  4. Interests, hobbies, and achievements. …
  5. Which department have you enrolled in in the college? …
  6. Do you’ve clarity on interests/ goals you want to pursue in college and post-college career goals?


How long is college orientation online?

Now students spend about two hours on average in the online experience, another 30 to 45 minutes in the community equity module and 15 to 20 minutes in the pre-arrival information for orientation.

Why is college orientation important?

Orientation is a chance for students to learn how things work at their new school and meet other students as well as faculty and staff members. … A good orientation program helps students feel excited about starting college and smooths the transition to campus life and the independence that comes with it.

How do I survive my first week of college?

10 Tips for the First Week of College

  1. Watch your time carefully. …
  2. Introduce yourself by name to your teachers. …
  3. When you meet new people, try to learn about them before you talk about yourself. …
  4. Find quiet places on campus to study. …
  5. Keep organized by putting your things in the same places.
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What happens if you don’t attend orientation?

If you don’t attend orientation, it may be difficult to get academic advising. It can affect your course registration and limit the selection of classes available to you. The major departments set aside these dates/times to specifically meet with new students.

What do you talk about at college orientation?

  • Make the most of college orientation. …
  • Get details on campus safety. …
  • Get the facts on health insurance. …
  • Know your campus housing options. …
  • Understand the campus roommate policy. …
  • Find out who your instructors will be. …
  • Know your dining options. …
  • Understand academic advising.

What do you expect from a job orientation?

A typical orientation will include going over the company culture, leadership, mission and vision, and processes and procedures. Remember to include time for an office tour, introductions to core team members, department leaders, and the facilities where they will be working.

What happens if miss college orientation?

If freshman orientation is on your calendar, you may be wondering if you’d miss much by skipping it. Well, yes, you would. You’d miss your first chance to experience the campus as a college student. You’d miss an official introduction to your school and the final time the college lays out everything you need to know.

What happens if you miss online orientation?

What if I miss my Virtual Orientation Day? If you do not attend your scheduled Virtual Orientation Day, your admission to CPP will be withdrawn.

Do you have to do orientation for college?

Orientation is typically a mandatory thing for incoming college students, both transfer and freshman. Registration for orientation is typically first-come, first-serve.

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