How do students write on a pear deck?

How do students write on Pear deck?

Open the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on or PowerPoint Online Add-in. In the sidebar, scroll down to the Ask Students a Question section. Click on the Text option. That’s it!

Can you write on Pear deck?

Using Pear Deck to Write On & Ink Up Your Google Slides Presentation.

Can teacher write on Pear deck slides?

I can sign into the same Deck I assign students and, using Pear Deck’s Drawing slides, mark up the presentation for discussion and reflection. … While I do this, some students write on their slides to take notes, or some just watch, depending on how they learn best.

How do you show student names on a pear deck?

See students’ names with their responses in the Teacher Dashboard. To see names next to their responses during or after class, open the private Teacher Dashboard (a Premium feature). You can open it in a new window from the Projector View, or in a new tab from the Sessions menu. Open from the Projector View.

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Can students do pear deck on their own?

Overview. Pear Deck is often used to engage students in a lesson in real time. But with Student Paced Mode, you can allow students to join any presentation Session independently and work through your slides at their own pace, on their own time!

What does pear deck look like for students?

Preview the Student View

When you present a Pear Deck Session, students see all of the slides in your Deck on their screens. There is a difference in the way Non-Interactive and Interactive Slides look. On a Non-Interactive slide, students see the same slide that you see on the Projector View.

Can students record audio in pear deck?

A: Yes, students can play audio recordings on the Student View in either Session mode. … If you want to listen to or change the file before presenting, click on the blue Add Audio to Slide button in the Pear Deck sidebar.

Is Pear deck free for teachers?

Pear Deck is a freemium service; teachers and schools can access a wide array of tools and resources for free or opt to subscribe to a premium account. Pear Deck combines slide presentations with interactive questions.

Do students need to download pear deck?

Learn more here. Students do not need a Pear Deck account to join Sessions and respond to interactive questions. Pear Deck is a great fit for schools that use Google Apps for Education or Microsoft 365 for Education!

How can I get a free pear deck?

To make sure all teachers can have Pear Deck in their teaching tool kit, we’ve opened up access to all of Pear Deck’s Premium features. Start a trial of Pear Deck Premium today, for free.

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Which is better pear deck or Nearpod?

Nearpod allows for ‘Live Lessons’ or ‘Student-Paced’ lessons. … Pear Deck has more options available for free and their platform is better at keeping students focused on your lesson. In reality, both apps work well for teaching.

Can two teachers share a pear deck?

You can add as many co-teachers to a Session as you wish, and you can revoke access at any time as well. It’s important to note that both the host teacher and co-teachers will need to have Pear Deck Premium to use this feature. Educators new to Pear Deck can sign up at to receive a free 30-day trial.

Can students see each other’s responses on Pear deck?

The responses are anonymous by default on the Projector View, so students don’t have to worry about being embarrassed or getting the answer wrong. You can get better outcomes for students when you present with Pear Deck!

How do I make my pear deck not anonymous?

While you can see names in the Dashboard, answers are always displayed anonymously on the Projector view in Pear Deck. To hide a particular response from the Projector View, click on the More Actions (three-dots) button next to the name, then click Hide Response.

Can students see other students responses in pear deck?

When students join a Pear Deck presentation Session on their own devices, they automatically enter the Student View where they can see the teacher’s slides and the Interactive Response input.

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