How do I transfer to Broward College?

Is it hard to get into Broward College?

Broward College has an acceptance rate of 100%. The application deadline is rolling and the application fee at Broward College is $35.

How do I get into Broward College?

Admissions (as of 2021)

Requirement for admissions is an accredited high school diploma or GED. Broward College follows an Open Admissions policy. Test scores and/or GPA are not factors in the admissions decision. A high school diploma or GED certificate is required.

Does Broward College take transfer credits?

All credits from previously attended colleges and universities will be accepted in transfer by determining equivalency of the college-level credits to be transferred toward an applicable degree or certificate program at Broward College.

Can I take one class at Broward College?

If you are currently enrolled at another postsecondary institution and have permission from that institution to take one or more classes at Broward College, you are a transient student. Please note that some BC courses may have prerequisites or co-requisites, including labs.

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Is Broward College free?

Through Broward UP, Broward College is offering FREE educational opportunities, workforce training, and support services directly in neighborhoods throughout Broward County. Our goal is to help you get the training needed to find a good job, make more money, and get the skills needed to thrive in the workforce.

Do you have to live in Broward to go to Broward College?

All students who apply online will be admitted as non-Florida residents until providing the required supporting documentation needed to prove Florida residency before the first day of the term.

What is the minimum GPA for Broward College?

To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

Have a minimum 3.5 GPA.

How do you pay for Broward College?

Simple Steps to Enroll

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to myBC.
  3. From “My Financials”, select “Sign-Up Options” then “Tuition Payment Plan”

Does Broward College have grade forgiveness?

Grade Forgiveness Policy

College courses completed more than 10 years ago may require approval of the appropriate Pathway Dean or validation by examination. The calculation of the grade point average for honors includes the Broward College record and any previous credit transferred to Broward College.

Can I transfer from Broward College to FIU?

According to the State of Florida’s 2+2 Articulation Agreement any student that completes and a 2-year degree at a public institution will automatically be granted admission into any state institution including FIU.

How many credits do you need for an AA at Broward College?

For AA and Baccalaureate degrees, Broward College requires a total of 36 credits of General Education coursework in five areas – Communications, Humanities, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Biological/Physical Sciences, and Mathematics.

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Can you transfer from Broward College to UCF?

Are you a transfer student? If you’re seeking a bachelor’s degree, have attended one or more colleges or universities and have completed 12 or more transferable college or university credits post-high school, you will apply to UCF Online as a transfer student.

How do I take classes at Broward College?


  1. CLICK ON REGISTRATION ON THE TOOLBAR. Select Add/Drop to register.
  2. SELECT REGISTRATION TERM. This is the term that you would like to take classes: e.g. Summer 2020 (20203)
  3. SEARCH FOR COURSES. Search by: Campus, Preferred Day/Time. …

What is Broward College Tuition?

In-state tuition 2,830 USD, Out-of-state tuition 8,952 USD (2019 – 20)

How do I withdraw from Broward College?

Students who do not plan to attend any or all registered courses, must officially drop them. Students who fail to do so will be responsible for all tuition and fees associated with their registration. Students can drop courses online via the student portal, or in person at any campus admission and registration office.

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