How do I get to York College by subway?

You can either take the subway at Sutphin Boulevard (E, J, or Z) one stop to Parsons/Archer or walk (one stop). Walk east on Archer about 6 blocks to 160th street and make a right under the LIRR trestle, using the entrance on your left.

Does York College have a parking lot?

Parking is available for students and their guests at Eastern Parking Lot (8) the entrance can be found on 165 street. The Symposium will be held at Academic Core Building (1) across the street from Guy R. Brewer Blvd.

How do I contact York College?

Contact Us

  1. Mailing Address. York College. Department of Occupational Therapy. Academic Core building. Room AC-1E12. 94-20 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard. Jamaica, NY 11451.
  2. Travel Information. Please see Location and Directions.
  3. Telephone. (718) 262-2720.
  4. Fax. (718) 262-2767.
  5. E-Mail.

Can students park at York College?

York College is a ‘permit only’ parking site. Visitors to the college must sign in at reception and obtain a hanger permit. For staff and students there are 2 types of permits available: Annual Permit – The cost is £72 for a car and this allows you to park without further payment for one academic year.

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What bus goes to York College?

York College by Bus

Parsons/Archer – Jamaica Center is served by the following bus lines: Q4, Q5, Q25/34, Q30, Q31, Q42, Q44, Q54, Q65, Q83, Q84, Q85, Q110, Q111, Q112, Q113, N4.

What is York college acceptance rate?

72.8% (2020)

What do you need to get into York College?

Admission is based on high school performance and SAT (Critical Reading and Math scores only) or ACT scores, as well as the personal character and qualities of the applicant. Typically, the middle 50% of our students fall between 970-1140 SAT, or 20-25 ACT and have between a 3.1 and a 3.9 high school GPA.

How do I apply to York College?

To Apply: Please complete and mail in an undergraduate non-degree application with a $70 application fee. For more information on the non-degree process, please visit

Can I take my car to York University?

If you wish to park on campus, you will need to have a valid parking permit (purchased from the online parking permit system) or to buy a pay and display ticket.

Where can I park for free in York?

Free car parks in York

  • Monk Bar Car Park.
  • Castle Car Park.
  • Union Terrace Car Park.
  • St George’s Field Car Park.
  • Nunnery Lane Car Park.
  • Bishopthorpe Road Car Park (no Minster Badge required)
  • East Parade Car Park (no Minster Badge required)

Where can I park at York University?

York University Parking

  • PARKING GARAGES (Arboretum, Student Services, York Lanes) …
  • SURFACE LOTS & ON STREET (Assiniboine Road, Atkinson Lot-82, Atkinson Road, Calumet Lot, Ottawa Road, Passy Crescent, Physical Resources Lot South-89, Seneca Lane, Thompson Road Lot – 79, University Street, Vanier Lot-71)
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