How do I apply for an Open University course?

What qualifications do I need to do an Open University course?

For most of The Open University’s undergraduate degrees no formal qualifications are required, and no entry test is required to study with us. For postgraduate degrees, an undergraduate degree equivalent to the relevant UK qualification is required.

How do you get into Open University?

How to apply

  1. What is OU study like? Our unique approach to distance learning means you don’t have to put life on hold to get the qualification you want. …
  2. Choose course. The OU offers around 120 undergraduate qualifications. …
  3. Find time. …
  4. Funding options. …
  5. Start registration. …
  6. Choose modules. …
  7. Organise funding. …
  8. Complete registration.

When can you enroll in Open University?

You can apply at any time but Open University modules start at set times during the year. You will need to apply to your partner university in plenty of time to allow you to register on the scheme and for your first OU module.

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Can anyone study at the Open University?

It is also the UK’s only truly “open” degree: there are no entry requirements and has the UK’s largest choice of subjects to study in any combination.

Are open university courses free?

Free courses

The OU provides around 5% of its formal course materials as free open educational content every year on OpenLearn. OpenLearn includes over 1,000 free courses derived from the OU’s curriculum and dozens of specially commissioned Badged Open Courses.

Is a degree from Open University respected?

As a top-rated academic institution, the Open University’s degrees are respected by employers. In fact, 75 per cent of the top 100 FTSE companies have sponsored their staff on these courses. … Since the outset, the Open University has not asked for any formal qualifications to enter undergraduate-level study.

Is Open University easy?

This is because to get a distinction you REALLY need to know everything they give you in those books and more, you can get a 2.1 easily with just adequately learning the material. – I can also say that the OU is NOT easy. The essays/exams are just as hard at those in other universities.

How quickly can I complete an Open University degree?

Just be aware, you can only study a maximum of 120 credits in a 12-month period. 30 and 60 credit modules usually take 9 months to complete.

What is the difference between Open University and regular university?

Open Degree Education is provided via the university that facilitates open entry for admissions, through distance & online learning programs. … There is no college affiliation to open degree education, whereas, in the regular degree education, traditional universities provide affiliations to different colleges.

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Do you get a certificate from Open University?

Will I receive my certificate at the ceremony? No, these will be posted out to you. If you haven’t received it before the ceremony, it will be posted out to you shortly afterwards. For any queries regarding certification and academic transcripts please contact the Qualifications Centre by emailing

How much is the school fees for National Open University?

National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN undergraduate and postgraduate school fees schedule for the 2020/2021 academic session.

NOUN School Fees for Undergraduate.

S/No Payment Fees Amount (N)
1 Registration Fees 6,000.00
2 Caution Deposit 3,500.00
3 Orientation Fees 1,500.00
4 Matriculation Fees 1,500.00

How much does an Open University degree cost?

Most students Studying part-time for an honours degree at a rate of one 60-credit module a year, would cost £3,096 per year and take six years to complete, a total fee of £18,576.

Can I finish my degree at Open University?

If you have previously studied at the Higher Education level within the last 16 years, you may be able to count your study towards an Open University qualification. … studied some modules or courses at university level. completed part of a degree.

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