Frequent question: How do I check my Tdsb email for students?

Students will access their TDSB email through Academic (AW) Workspace by selecting the “Mail” tab. Students will be prompted to login using their TDSB Username and Password.

How do I access my students email?

The easiest way to check your student email is to use the browser on your phone and go to and sign in the same way you would on a desktop or laptop. The next best way is to use the Outlook Web App (OWA).

What does a student Tdsb email look like?

Toronto District School Board uses 8 email formats, with first ‘. ‘ last (ex. being used 33.6% of the time.

How do I access Gmail from school?

Go to and click Go to Classroom. Enter the email address for your Classroom account and click Next. Enter your password and click Next. If there is a welcome message, review it and click Accept.

How do I log into Tdsb for Google classroom?

Students (and parents) can get access to their Google Classroom by:

  1. Logging into the TDSB’s Academic Workspace, (, using their TDSB email address. …
  2. Click on the tab titled, “Google Apps”
  3. Click on Classroom, and you will be in your Google Classroom.
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How do I log into my Isiswa email?

a. b. c. d. Go to Student Portal. Key in your Student Portal username and password. Once login, click Isiswa Email hyperlink. You will login to your email automatically.

Can students access Tdsb email?

Student email accounts are provided to further support learning in a digital age. Students will access their TDSB email through Academic (AW) Workspace by selecting the “Mail” tab. … Students will be prompted to login using their TDSB Username and Password.

How do I get a TDSB student email?

  1. Visit
  2. simply for creating an account) from the New User drop-down &
  3. click Create Account.
  4. Select Click to View Other Account Types > Parent.

How do I set up a TDSB student email?

B. Login to a TDSB Gmail Account (all students)

  1. Step 1: Open your “Google Chrome” browser.
  2. Step 2: In the address bar, type
  3. Step 3: Enter your TDSB “username” (9-digit student number) and “password”

Can my school see what I do on my personal account?

If you are logged into your school account on your personal device and also logged into the browser with your school account, the user account is managed by your school so they will be able to track your activity.

Can my school see my search history?

If you are using the internet connection at home with your school account, the school will be able to see your internet history. Still, the school can only access the internet history until you are using the school account.

How do I find my TDSB student number?

The OEN is nine digits long (eight digits, plus a check digit), randomly assigned, and tied to stable information about the student (name, gender, date of birth). A student’s OEN number will be found on their report card.

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What is Trillium Tcdsb number?

What is a Trillium Tcdsb student number? What is an OEN? OEN stands for Ontario Education Number. The number, which is unique to every student, will be used as the key identifier on a student’s school records, and will follow the student through his or her elementary and secondary education.

How do I reset my Tdsb password?

Users connect to Password Manager browsing to or by clicking on the Forgot my Password link from a TDSB desktop, via the Windows login page or online from the Academic Workspace ( login page click on Forgot your password?

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