Frequent question: Do college coaches look for multi sport athletes?

Being a multi-sport athlete is one of the things that college coaches take into consideration when evaluating prospective student athletes, because they recognize the variety of talents a recruit can obtain through different sports.

Do college coaches prefer multi-sport athletes?

Overwhelmingly, college coaches love adding kids to their program who competed in multiple sports during high school.

Can you be a multi-sport athlete in college?

It is possible to earn an athletic scholarship for more than one sport. It doesn’t happen very often, especially at the NCAA Division I level. There are more athletes who compete in more than one sport at the Division 2, 3 and NAIA levels.

What college coaches look for in athletes?

But there are some other traits college coaches want in a prospective student-athlete.

  • Athleticism: First and foremost, you must have the skills to play in college. …
  • Solid academics: You must prove that you can thrive in an academic setting. …
  • Good Character: …
  • Work Ethic: …
  • Team Player: …
  • Hustle: …
  • Sports IQ: …
  • Maturity:
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Are multi-sport athletes better than single sport athletes?

While it might sound counterintuitive, multisport athletes tend to experience longer term success over their one-sport peers. More consistent performers with fewer injuries, multisport athletes also have a much higher chance of being active adults. Limit overuse injuries.

Is it bad to play only one sport?

“Playing just one sport year round can lead to overuse injuries,” says orthopedic surgeon Mark Miller, MD. … Switching sports may allow recovery and use of different body parts and muscles that may reduce these overuse injuries.” Overuse injuries can permanently damage children’s joints and inhibit their growth.

Is it good to play multiple sports?

Playing multiple sports can help kids build important life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and responsibility. … Playing different sports provides a great opportunity to be exposed to new team roles and become a well-rounded player.

Can you play 2 sports at the same time?

So playing multiple sports, particularly during an athlete’s pre-adolescent and early teenage years, is good. However, playing multiple sports during the same season is a much more perilous endeavor. … of two sports simultaneously can lead to some serious issues. Namely, physical and emotional burnout.

What are the benefits of being a multi-sport athlete?

Multi-sport athletes display improved health and wellness, including decreased injury rates, improved athletic performance, improved leadership skills and teamwork, better attendance in school and better academic performance.

What do d1 basketball coaches look for?

“Feel for the game, – can they pass, shoot, dribble, see the floor. Toughness – do they rebound, do they like to hit people, do they like to play defense and work at it. Attitude – how do they react when things don’t go well, what kind of teammate are they.”

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What GPA are college coaches looking for?

The NCAA outlines eligibility requirements for its three different divisions, but just earning the stated minimum 2.3 GPA in the 16 core classes (for Division I) still won’t be enough for many college programs.

What do d1 coaches look for?

Every college coach in the country wants a roster full of players who are mentally and physically tough. They want focused, aggressive competitors. College coaches notice attributes like effort, fearlessness, and confidence. They also want players who don’t let a mistake affect them.

What to say to a coach when you want to be recruited?

The recruit should mention any personal connections they have to the program and what attracted them to the school or program. Explain why the recruit is a good fit for his program. Coaches want to know how a recruit can contribute to the team’s growth and success. Answer the coach’s questions fully and clearly.

How do you become a multi-sport athlete?

So if you opt to play a second or even a third sport, follow these rules.

  1. Choose sports that go together. …
  2. Don’t double up. …
  3. Train during the season, every season. …
  4. Sharpen your skills before the next season arrives. …
  5. Don’t cram in training during transitions. …
  6. Give yourself an off-season eventually.


What percentage of high school athletes play multiple sports?

There are nearly 8 million high school athletes in the United States. The National Federation of State High School Associations says that about 43 percent of high school athletes play multiple sports. Playing multiple sports can teach an athlete many different things and also help make kids healthier.

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When should you specialize in one sport?

As a general rule they recommend the following age breakdown for athletes trying to achieve elite status in a specific sport: Prior to age 12: 80% of time should be spent in deliberate play and in sports OTHER THAN the chosen sport! Age 13-15: 50/50 split between a chosen sport and other athletic pursuits.

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