Frequent question: Can I change my course at Open University?

Originally Answered: Can you change open university degree to a different subject after 1 year? Since you haven’t been formally academically admitted, you can change a tenative major to something else.

Can I change my Open University course?

Student Policies and Regulations

The Changing Your Study Plans Policy sets out the options that you have as a student if you want to change the modules and/or qualification that you are studying, take a break from study, or withdraw from your studies with the Open University.

Can I quit my Open University course?

You have a right to cancel your registration or enrolment to study a module and/or qualification, without giving any reason, within 14 days of the date of the email or letter confirming The Open University’s acceptance of your application to register or enrol.

Can I finish my degree at Open University?

If you have previously studied at the Higher Education level within the last 16 years, you may be able to count your study towards an Open University qualification. … studied some modules or courses at university level. completed part of a degree.

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What happens if I quit Open University?

Withdrawing from your studies means that you are ceasing your studies and you do not intend to undertake any further study with The Open University. If you withdraw from study, you will cease to be a student of the University. In order to withdraw from your studies, you must follow the Cancellation Procedure.

Is open university respected?

As a top-rated academic institution, the Open University’s degrees are respected by employers. In fact, 75 per cent of the top 100 FTSE companies have sponsored their staff on these courses. … Since the outset, the Open University has not asked for any formal qualifications to enter undergraduate-level study.

How quickly can you complete an Open University degree?

Just be aware, you can only study a maximum of 120 credits in a 12-month period. 30 and 60 credit modules usually take 9 months to complete.

Can you change from fulltime to part time Open University?

5.24 You may change your module at any time up to the final enrolment date. If you are studying a module as part of a qualification, you will need to take any requirements of your qualification such as compulsory modules or study order into account.

Can I get a refund from the Open University?

You will receive a full refund of any fees you have paid or a waiver of any fees you are liable to pay for the module(s) you have cancelled. 11. To exercise your right to cancel, you must inform The Open University of your decision to cancel by making a clear statement by letter, email, online form or on the telephone.

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What can I study at the Open University?

  • Accountancy.
  • Counselling.
  • Engineering.
  • Environment.
  • IT and computing.
  • Law.
  • Management.
  • Mental Health.

Can I transfer from Open University to another university?

This is designed so that a degree can be transported. So if you do the equivalent of a first year of a degree with the OU, you can apply to transfer to a second year with a conventional university. However it will depend on scores and places to get into a specific university.

How many hours a week is Open University?

Full time. If you want to complete your qualification at the same rate as a student at a traditional university, for example, an honours degree in three years, you can choose to study full time. You’ll study 120 credits worth of study a year. You’ll need to do around 32–36 hours of study per week.

What marks do you need for a 2.1 degree?

2:1 stands for Second Class Honours, Upper Division, in the British university grading system. To achieve a 2:1 in your degree at university your final mark needs to be over 60% (over 70% being First Class Honours).

Why is the Open University so expensive?

The shortfall caused by government funding cuts has lead to the OU having to recoup the difference from Students. The higher course fees can usually be paid by student finance loans, if you meet the requirements. Other bursaries or financial support may be available.

Can I defer my OU course?

You can temporarily suspend your study of a module by deferring a module. This means ceasing to study a module temporarily with the intention of completing that module later. The Final Enrolment Date is the last date that a reservation can be made for a module in a specific presentation period.

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What happens when you suspend studies?

Suspending your studies

They’ll stop any future payments to you or your uni or college until you return to your studies. Depending on the date you suspend, and when your uni or college lets Student Finance England know, you may be overpaid.

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