Can student midwives administer IV drugs?

To gain experience student midwives may, under the direct supervision of a sign-off mentor, participate within the preparation of intravenous drugs. Students are not permitted to administer any intravenous medication.

What drugs can student midwives administer?

This includes medications which are not prescription only medicines, for example, the giving of paracetamol and administration of nitrous oxide and oxygen using Entonox apparatus. In certain circumstances midwives can lawfully administer pharmacy (P) and specified prescription only medicines (POM).

Can student midwives administer drugs under a patient group direction PGD )?

Patient Group Directions (PGD)

Until registered as a midwife and named on the departmental register of staff able to work according to the relevant PGD, the student may not supply and administer on their initiative those medicines covered by PGD that are written for registered midwives.

Can student midwives administer controlled drugs?

Student midwives may not administer controlled drugs but may participate in the checking and preparation of controlled drugs for administration on the midwives exemption list under the direct supervision of a registered midwife.

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Can student midwives Cannulate?

FAQ: Can students undertake cannulation and venepuncture? … Student Midwives can undertake venepuncture only whilst on clinical placement and only if they have received the training and are adequately supervised.

What can midwives not do?

No, a midwife is not a doctor. While licensed and certified midwives are highly trained, they cannot perform cesarean sections on their own. They can prescribe epidurals and labor-inducing drugs, but they are less likely to do so compared to doctors.

What is a midwives exemption?

This does not negate the need for the document author and others involved in the process to be aware of and follow the detail of this policy. 1. Under midwife exemptions midwives may administer or supply medication to women under. their care without the need for a prescription. 2.

What Cannot be supplied under PGD?

Under a PGD you cannot supply: unlicensed medicines. dressings, appliances and devices. radiopharmaceuticals.

Who can administer patient group direction?

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) provide a legal framework that allows some registered health professionals to supply and/or administer specified medicines to a pre-defined group of patients, without them having to see a prescriber (such as a doctor or nurse prescriber).

Who should write a PGD?

PGDs need to include the name of the authorised, registered health professional using them. PGDs can only be used by those health care professionals listed in the legislation. Nursing Associates are currently not included so cannot operate under a PGD See the Specialist Pharmacy Services guidance.

What is a midwives duty of care?

Provide a high standard of practice and care at all times. Be open and honest, act with integrity and uphold the reputation of their profession. Nurses and midwives are personally accountable for actions and omissions in their professional practice and must always be able to justify their decisions.

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Can a midwife prescribe morphine?

Pethidine, morphine and fentanyl are the only opioid drugs that a midwife can prescribe.

Can midwives administer antibiotics?

It may be possible for your midwife to give you IV prescribed for you by your GP. However, this is not widely available. Some areas won’t permit IV to be given at home – there is a small risk that you would get a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotics and, obviously, there is no intensive care unit nearby.

How many hours do student midwives need to complete NMC?

3 where a student is already registered with the NMC as a Registered nurse: first level (adult), full-time education and training as a midwife shall be a minimum of 18 months and 3,000 hours, and in order for the qualification to be recognised in EU member states it must be followed by a year of professional midwifery …

How many hours do student midwives need to complete?

As part of the criteria for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), all Nursing students on a three year programme must complete a minimum of 2300 hours of practice/placement hours.

Can student nurses Cannulate?

Nursing students are not taught / assessed in cannulation / phlebotomy and therefore cannot undertake this activity even if they have previously been trained in cannulation or phlebotomy.

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