Can I assign an assignment to just one student in Google Classroom?

Give Assignments to Individual Students or Groups. Yay! Teachers rejoice! One of the features we have been waiting for is finally available–the ability to give assignments to EXACTLY who you want, meaning an assignment meant for one student, a few, or even groups of students within a Class in Google Classroom.

Can you assign something to only one student on Google classroom?

The default when creating an assignment in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams is that it is assigned to all students. However you can differentiate assignments by deselecting certain students. … Then I COPY the assignment and assign the copy to the students I excluded.

Can other students see individual assignments in Google Classroom?

Yes, if you post an announcement to just one student, only that student will see it in the Stream. The other students will have no clue it exists because they cannot see it.

How do I assign a question to a different student in Google Classroom?

Step by Step Guide on How to Create Question as Assignment

  1. Open your class.
  2. Click on the second tab, Classwork.
  3. Click “+ Create” button and choose Question.
  4. A new pop-up window will appear, enter the Question and Instructions for this question.
  5. Choose from drop down menu to select Short answer or Multiple choice.
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Can I resend an assignment in Google Classroom?

You can do this by: Go to In the bottom-left corner, click Help Send feedback. Enter your message and then click Send.

How do you post homework on Google classroom?

  1. Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your Google Account. For example, or Learn more.
  2. Click a class.
  3. Click Classwork the assignment. View Assignment.
  4. At the top, click Instructions.
  5. Click Add class comment enter your comment. click Post.

Can students see drafts in Google Classroom?

Welcome to the Google for Education forum! If you are typing the grade in a shared Google document, even though you did not return it, they should be able to see the grade. However, if you are entering a ‘draft” grade in Google Classroom, and did not return it, then no, they cannot see the draft grade.

Can students see classwork in Google Classroom?

On the Classroom calendar, you can see classwork due dates. You can’t add any items. 1. Go to

Can students see responses to questions Google classroom?

In both multiple-choice and short-answer questions, students can read and respond to class comments. Students can also comment privately to teachers.

Can students turn in material on Google classroom?

They can attach files, links, or images to your work. When finished, students can turn in the work. Before the due date, they can unsubmit work, make changes, and resubmit it. After they turn in a file from Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, only the teacher can see and edit their work.

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Can students attach files to a question in Google Classroom?

At this time, there is no way to attach something in a question type post.

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