You asked: Can you sue a student loan company?

In order to sue a federal student loan servicer (or other similar actor) in court for violations of its obligations, federal law has to allow for that suit to be filed through what’s sometimes called a “private right of action.”

Can I sue my student loan servicer?

You may wonder if you can join a lawsuit against your school or student loan servicer. In most cases, you can’t. Even if a class-action lawsuit is filed against your school or student loan servicer, a borrower does not “join” the lawsuit.

Can you sue a private student loan company?

Lawsuits to Collect Private Student Loans

Unlike federal student loan lenders, private lenders must go to court to get a money judgment against you before using collection tools, like garnishment.

Do I qualify for the Navient lawsuit?

Even if you have not received an email regarding this lawsuit, but you have declared bankruptcy since October 2005 and you had, at the time of your bankruptcy, student loans owned and/or serviced by Navient Solutions and/or Navient Credit Finance Corporation, then you may be eligible to join this lawsuit.

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How do I fight a student loan collection agency?

So if your student loans have been sent to a debt collection agency, here are five steps you can take to get back on track.

  1. Dispute the debt. First, ensure that the information the debt collection agency has is accurate. …
  2. Settle your debt. …
  3. Pay the amount owed. …
  4. Consolidate or rehabilitate your loans. …
  5. Declare bankruptcy.


Do student loans go away after 7 years?

Your responsibility to pay student loans doesn’t go away after 7 years. But if it’s been more than 7.5 years since you made a payment on your student loan debt, the debt and the missed payments can be removed from your credit report. And if that happens, your credit score may go up, which is a good thing.

What happens if you never pay your student loans?

Unfortunately, there can be many negative consequences of failing to make your student loan payments, including wage garnishment, a drop in your credit score or a suspension of your professional license.

Is there a lawsuit against Great Lakes student loans?

Great Lakes now faces a class action lawsuit. The suit claims that millions of people were affected by the company’s mistake and the actions of the credit agencies and they put people’s credit scores in jeopardy.

Can I lose my house because of student loans?

The Department can collect from assets such as bank accounts and valuable property, and can place a lien on the borrower’s real property. As a result of such a lien, the borrower may not sell the property until the lien is removed.

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Are private student loans subject to statute of limitations?

Only private student loans have a statute of limitations. Once it passes, a creditor can’t sue you. There is no statute of limitations on federal student loans. Private student loans do have a statute of limitations, with lengths varying from state to state.

Is Navient really forgiving loans?

Navient borrowers with federal student loans may be eligible for one of the federal student loan forgiveness programs, such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness or forgiveness through an income-driven repayment plan. However, forgiveness through these programs takes diligence and it isn’t immediate.

Is Navient forgiving all student loans?

Navient is the loan servicer for both federal student loans and private student loans. Only the federal student loans it services qualify for student loan forgiveness. There are no loan forgiveness options for the private student loans Navient owns or services.

Can you settle a student loan with Navient?

You can settle a federal student loan that Navient services after you default on the loan. … Once the loan is there, the collection agency has the authority to accept settlement offers for defaulted federal loans.

Can student loans take your whole tax refund?

In a regular tax season, if you have federal student loans in default, your tax refund can be used to help make up for what you owe on your loan. This doesn’t apply to private student loan borrowers, whose tax refunds cannot be garnished if their private loans are in default.

Can I settle my student loan debt for less?

You may be able to settle federal or private student loans for less than you owe if they’re in default and you can’t repay them. Student loan settlement is possible, but you’re at the mercy of your lender to accept less than you owe. Don’t expect to negotiate a settlement unless: Your loans are in or near default.

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What does it mean if student loan is permanently assigned to government?

When your credit report shows a remark stating “student loan permanently assigned to government” what’s likely happened is that you defaulted on a student loan the government insured. … After you complete the rehabilitation program, your federal loans will be sent to a new servicer.

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