Who is the winner of Student of the Year?

The soundtrack received positive reviews from music critics. Joginder Tuteja of Bollywood Hungama gave the album 4/5 stars, saying that “Student of the Year is a winner with Vishal Shekhar (yet again!)

Who won student of the year 1 trophy?

The teen sensation, Ananya Panday has not only won a million hearts with her first film but has also emerged as the most promising debutante with a power-packed performance.

Is Student of the Year hit or flop?

So, you can call Student of the year 2 Hit.

Student of The Year 2 Hit or Flop:

Budget ₹ 65 Crore
Final Verdict Hit

Who is the director of Student of the Year?

Каран Джохар

Is Student of the Year 2 flop?

Student Of The Year 2 was helmed by Punit Malhotra and also starred Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday in the lead roles. … Last year, Tiger gave a superhit with WAR and a flop with Student Of The Year 2. The expectations from the latter were quite high, but the film didn’t do well.

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How old is Alia Bhatt now?

28 years (March 15, 1993)

What happened in Student of the Year 1?

Plot. Former principal Dean Yogendra Vashisht of St. Teresa’s High School, Dehradun, had aged and fallen ill. His last wish was to see the students from his last batch, who were part of the “Student of the Year” competition. … The film then goes into a flashback set ten years back at the high school.

Is Dabangg 3 flop or hit?

Dabangg 3 Budget, Screens And Day Wise Box Office Collection India, Overseas, WorldWide

Budget 130.00 Crores [115 Cr (Production Cost) + 15 Cr (Prints & Publicity)]
Collection (WorldWide) 230.95 Crore [Till 15th March, 2020]
Collection (Overseas) 57.00 Crore [Till 15th March, 2020]
Hit / Flop Hit

Is Housefull 4 flop?

Housefull 4 movie was helmed by Farhad Samji. The film starred, Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Bobby Deol, Kriti Sanon, Pooja Hegde, and Kriti Kharbanda. According to the reports, Housefull 4 was a major disaster at the BO and suffered on account of poor writing and vacuous screenplay.

Is Heropanti hit or flop?

He made his debut with Sajid Nadiadwala’s Heropanti and now busy with upcoming sequal of his Hit film Baghi.

Tiger Shroff All Movies Hit Flop Box Office Verdict.

Film Heropanti
NETT GROSS in cr. 50.55

What was Alia Bhatt age in Student of the Year?

Niranjan Iyer told him that Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter is also present amongst the lot and she could be perfect for the role. They auditioned her and realised that she had the X factor that could work for the film. Alia Bhatt’s age when she auditioned for the role was just 18 years.

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Where was student of the year 1 shot?

According to a report by UrbanAsia, the film is shot majorly in Dehradun whereas some parts of the movie are also shot in Shimla. A chunk of Student Of The Year was also shot in Thailand. Several scenes of the movie are also shot in Kashmir.

Will there be a student of the year 3?

2019 is promising to be one of the busiest years for Karan Johar. … While his production Student of the Year 2 is yet to release, Karan Johar is already talking about the third franchise of film Student of the Year (SOTY 3).

Why is Student of the Year 2 flop?

Lack Of Depth In Writing – One of the main problems of SOTY 2 is writing which provides no depth, nuance or layers in the characters. Each character is like caricature you had already assumed from the first look of the trailer.

Who wins Student of the Year 2?

As luck would have it, he sets his eyes on a student Shreya (Ananya Pandey), who along with her brother Abhi (Aditya Seal) are students getting away with braggadocio. Of course, Abhi is supremely gifted and has been the winner of the Student of the Year trophy consecutively for two years.

Is Alia Bhatt in Student of the Year 2?

Released as a sequel of the 2012 film, Student Of The Year 2 turned out to be more of a remake. And a bad one at that. Alia Bhatt and Ananya Panday. There are times when an unnecessary film checks the entertainment and luck boxes.

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