Where is the University of American Samoa?

Motto Saili le Atamai Seek the Knowledge/To Seek Knowledge
Location Mapusaga (near Pago Pago) , American Samoa14.3217°S 170.7422°WCoordinates:14.3217°S 170.7422°W
Campus 39 acres (16 ha)-53 acres (21 ha)
Nickname Chiefs

Is University of American Samoa real?

The University of American Samoa is not a real university. We get a glimpse of Saul’s degree in his office waaaay later on down the road. For starters, it says, “Saul Goodman.” Saul also makes some jokes about his degree, and the fact that it’s nothing more than a piece of paper hanging on his wall.

Is there a university in Samoa?

Самоа/Колледжи и университеты

Where is American Samoa in the world?

American Samoa – an unincorporated and unorganized island territory of the United States is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is geographically positioned in the Western and Southern hemispheres of the Earth.

Where is American Samoa in relation to Hawaii?

It is the United States’ only territory south of the equator. The archipelago is situated east of the island of Samoa, about 4,200 km (2,600 mi) southwest of Hawaii, (Western Samoa) and 1,200 km northeast of Fiji.

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Is Pago Pago a US territory?

About Pago Pago

Satellite View is showing Pago Pago, territorial capital of the U.S. territory of American Samoa. The village of Fagatogo is the territory’s official seat of government, located within Pago Pago Harbor, on the island of Tutuila, a basaltic volcanic island.

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How many universities are in Samoa?

The higher education system of Samoa is represented by 2 universities with 27 study programs. In addition 23 Bachelor programs at 1 university, 3 Master programs at 2 universities and 1 PhD program at 1 university.

Is Samoa safe to visit?

Samoa is a generally safe destination. Crime rates are low and people are very helpful and friendly. Items do, sometimes, get stolen. With sensible precautions, however, the threat of this happening should be minimal.

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Do I need a passport to go to American Samoa?

Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements

Travelers must have a valid passport and onward/return ticket to enter Samoa. U.S. citizens do not need a visa for stays of 90 days or less. Non-citizen U.S. nationals will need a visitor permit before travelling to Samoa.

How expensive is it to live in Samoa?

The cost of living in Samoa is $1069, which is 1.45 times more expensive than the world average. Samoa ranked 54th out of 197 countries by cost of living and the 165th best country to live in.

What language does American Samoa speak?

Американское Самоа/Официальные языки

What language is spoken in Samoa?

Самоа/Официальные языки

What race are Samoans?

Ethnic groups

Samoans are mainly of Polynesian heritage, and about nine-tenths of the population are ethnic Samoans. Euronesians (people of mixed European and Polynesian ancestry) account for most of the rest of the population, and a tiny fraction are of wholly European heritage.

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