Where is the Disney College Program?

Disney College Programs are instructed in-person in Anaheim, California near Disneyland, and in Lake Buena Vista, Florida near Walt Disney World. Classes are held in close proximity to their respective theme parks, allowing for students to be placed into real paid internship roles on actual Disney properties.

Where is the Disney College Program Housing?

Back in 2018, Disney broke ground on new Disney College Program housing at Flamingo Crossings. The $630 million facility has over 10,000 beds and was initially designed to be a massive, new campus to house their extensive College Program participants.

How do you get into the Disney College Program?

Disney’s Participation Requirements

  1. Meet your college’s academic requirements.
  2. Be enrolled in college courses as a full or part-time student.
  3. The College Program may not serve as your first semester in college.
  4. Be at least 18 years of age.
  5. Possess unrestricted work authorization.
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Is the Disney college program in the summer?

A summer-only season is periodically offered for Disney College Program Alumni (previous participants who have successfully completed a program). … Additionally, Disney College Program Alumni may want to consider exploring the Disney Professional Internship Program.

How much is Disney college program?

Fees due upon accepting a Disney College Program invitation

A total of $415 – $435* will be due when a participant accepts their invitation to participate in the program. This is a one-time, nonrefundable fee supporting the administration, events and activities scheduled throughout the program.

Is the Disney college program worth it?

From Brittany’s standpoint, it all balances out — “I think for the experience as an early college student, it’s worthwhile.” There are classes and seminars available. Though classes aren’t mandatory for DCP students, it’s another potential perk of the program.

How many students get accepted into the Disney College Program?

With more than 50,000 applicants every year, Disney only accepts about 12,000 new annual recruits.

Is the Disney College Program hard to get into?

While Disney is one of the biggest employers out there, the DCP itself receives tons of applications and only accepts around less than 20 percent. It’s not easy to get into the program, but if you work hard and try your best, you should feel proud no matter what your answer from The Mouse is.

Is there an age limit for the Disney College Program?

The program recruits college students (ages 18 and older) of all majors for a semester-long paid internship program working at either the Orlando or Anaheim resorts, with the option of extending to almost a full year.

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What are the benefits of the Disney College Program?

Additional Benefits

  • Exclusive sneak previews of new attractions, parks, and resorts.
  • Access to Mickey’s Retreat.
  • Opportunities to participate in unique holiday celebrations.
  • Credit Union Membership.
  • Wellness Programs.
  • On-site Health Fairs and Seminars.
  • Life-Management Services.
  • Clubs, instructional programs and sports leagues.

Does Disney pay for college?

Disney pays for 100 percent of tuition at select schools

The program covers books and fees as well as tuition, and doesn’t have a requirement to stay employed by Disney for a certain amount of time after graduation.

What should I bring to the Disney College Program?


  • 7 sweatshirts/long sleeves.
  • 2 regular sweaters & 1 cardigan.
  • 3 long sleeves graphic tees.
  • 7ish casual short sleeves.
  • 3 nice short sleeves.
  • 10ish Disney T-shirts.
  • 10ish tank tops (both casual and nice)
  • 5 athletic tank tops.


What is it like to work for Disney?

Disney is a very interesting place to work at because each day can be so vastly different. You really never know who you’re going to see or interact with, you don’t know what the crowds are going to look like, and you never know who you’ll have the pleasure to make magic for or who will make magic for you.

Does the Disney college program look good on a resume?

The Disney College Program is a sought after paid college internship program in the U.S. Not only do you get to work for Disney, you’ll also gain professional and educational experience that stands out on your resume.

How much do you make to work at Disney World?

Walt Disney World Cast Member Salary

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Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $47,000 $23
75th Percentile $28,000 $13
Average $28,327 $14
25th Percentile $18,500 $9

How hard is it to get hired at Disney World?

Surprisingly, it’s not as hard as it may seem. Although Disney has competitive programs like the Disney College Program, many locals and Disney-lovers alike are easily able to land a position with the company as long as they have the proper experience. The hiring process is like that of many other theme park jobs.

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