What makes a student of the month?

The Student of the Month program is meant to promote success in and out of the classroom. … They must exemplify outstanding characteristics both as a student and as a citizen of the community. The student must be able to handle many different aspects of student life while maintaining excellence in the classroom.

What is a student of the month?

Student of the Month programs are designed to recognize student achievement and to showcase accomplishments in academics, athletics, exemplary character traits, and other categories. But not all students have the resources and support to shine through as all-stars in these more traditional lanes.

How do I choose a student of the month?

Criteria for selecting the Students of the Month should include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Effort.
  2. Good attendance or improvement in attendance.
  3. Character through compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, optimism, and responsibility.
  4. Behavior and self-control.
  5. Attitude toward others/learning.
  6. Good citizenship.

Is Student of the Month a big deal?

The award includes everyone from freshman to seniors and, in the past, some students have won twice, even with a three-year gap between their nominations. … “Student of the Month is a great way for the teachers to show how much they appreciate and respect you in school,” Silver commented.

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Is it good to be student of the month?

The student of the month is: … Honest – The student communicates truthfully and in a respectful way with classmates, teachers, staff and refrains from dishonesty in completing academic work. Committed to success – The student strives for success in all they do and works to the best of their ability.

What do you say about a good student?

The student:

  • is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school.
  • exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom.
  • appears well rested and ready for each day’s activities.
  • shows enthusiasm for classroom activities.
  • shows initiative and looks for new ways to get involved.


What is a student of the week?

Usually, awarding student of the week is left to the classroom teacher instead of the school. This can be done by allowing the student to bring in a show and tell every day and give them several minutes each day to talk about their item. …

What are good awards for kids?

50 Student Award Titles to Boost Your Year-End Awards Assembly

  • Above and Beyond Award.
  • Academic Excellence Award.
  • Academic Star.
  • Achievement Award.
  • Artfully Creative Award.
  • Aspiring Author.
  • Awesome Attitude.
  • Caring Classroom Award.

How do you identify student achievements?

Here are five easy ways you can recognize student achievement without needing to plan an elaborate ceremony or reward system.

  1. Positive phone calls home. …
  2. Certificates of achievement. …
  3. Positive Behavior Systems. …
  4. Student work display. …
  5. Spotlight on the student.


What do I write on a report card?

The student:

  • is a conscientious, hard-working student.
  • works independently.
  • is a self-motivated student.
  • consistently completes homework assignments.
  • puts forth their best effort into homework assignments.
  • exceeds expectations with the quality of their work.
  • readily grasps new concepts and ideas.
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Why do we have Student of the Week?

The Student of the Week program was established with the purpose of celebrating individual academic achievement as well as recognizing students who model superior character and citizenship.

How does a student show respect?

Perhaps the most powerful attribute a teacher can attain is respect for students. … Respecting students means regarding them with special attention, honoring them, showing consideration toward them, being concerned about them, appreciating them, relating to them, admiring their strengths, and caring for them.

What is the most improved student award?

Most Improved – is awarded to two students who have made the most improvement during the marking period regardless of their academic grade point average. Most Effort – is awarded to two students who have displayed the most effort during the marking period regardless of their academic grade point average.

How do you announce a best student award?

Welcome to the School Awards Ceremony. Today, I feel very privileged and honored to stand here in front of you all and acknowledge the achievements of our brilliant students who have made both the school and their parents proud. I would like to congratulate our students on achieving such positive results.

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