What is the top college bowl game?

Today, the Rose Bowl is the most popular of the college bowl games and serves as the championship game between the Big Ten and Pac – 12 conferences.

What is the highest college bowl game?

Rose Bowl: Location and Stadium

The Rose Bowl Game has been the most heavily attended bowl game since 1945, and the Rose Bowl itself is still the largest stadium of any that currently plays host to a postseason game.

What are the top 10 bowl games?

While we wait to crown a national champion, come relive the 2019-20 bowl season with us.

  • Outback Bowl (Minnesota 31, Auburn 24) …
  • Cotton Bowl (Penn State 53, Memphis 39) …
  • Peach Bowl (LSU 63, Oklahoma 28) …
  • Belk Bowl (Kentucky 37, Virginia Tech 30) …
  • Rose Bowl (Oregon 28, Wisconsin 27) …
  • Fiesta Bowl (Clemson 29, Ohio State 23)

What is the order of college football bowls?

The College Football Playoff consists of seven bowls: the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Peach Bowl, and the College Football Playoff National Championship.

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What are the 5 original bowl games?

By 1940, there were five major college bowl games: the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl (1935), the Cotton Bowl Classic (1937), the Orange Bowl (1935), and the Sun Bowl (1935). By 1950, the number had increased to eight games.

What are the big 6 bowls?

New Year’s Six Bowl Games

  • Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic. Arlington, TX. Wednesday, December 30th, 2020. 7:15pm ET. …
  • Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. Atlanta, GA. Friday, January 1st, 2021. 12:30pm ET. …
  • Capital One Orange Bowl. Miami Gardens, FL. Saturday, January 2nd, 2021. …
  • PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. Glendale, AZ. Saturday, January 2nd, 2021.

What bowl games are played on New Year’s Eve?


  • Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2020.
  • Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl. (24) Tulsa vs. Mississippi State. 12:00pm ET | ESPN. Amon G. …
  • Offerpad Arizona Bowl. Ball State vs. ( 22) San Jose State. 2:00pm ET | CBS. …
  • AutoZone Liberty Bowl. West Virginia vs. Army. 4:00pm ET | ESPN. …
  • Football Schedules.


Do college teams get paid for bowl games?

Generally, the payout to the participating teams in a bowl game is closely correlated to its prestige. By comparison, each of the former BCS bowls (including the national championship game) had a payout of $18 million.

How many bowl games are there in 2020?

There will be 35 bowl games for the 2020 college football season, down from 37 after the cancellation of two games because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The New Era Pinstripe Bowl and Tony the Tiger Bowl (Sun Bowl) have canceled.

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What are the 4 major college bowl games?

The BCS system consists of five games, four “traditional” bowl games (Rose, Orange, Sugar, Fiesta) plus the national championship game.

What is the Big 12 bowl record?

Conference Actual Expected
Big 12 5-0 5-0
MAC 2-0 1-1
Sun Belt 4-1 5-0
SEC 6-2 4-4

How much money does each bowl game pay?

A conference will receive $4 million for each team that plays in a non-playoff bowl under the arrangement. Each conference whose team participates in a playoff semifinal, Cotton, Fiesta, or Peach Bowl, or in the national championship game will receive $2.43 million to cover expenses for each game.

What are the 10 oldest bowl games?

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  • Gator Bowl. Year Established: 1946. Location: Jacksonville, Florida. …
  • Cotton Bowl Classic. Year Established: 1937. Location: Arlington, Texas. …
  • Sun Bowl. Year Established: 1935. …
  • Sugar Bowl. Year Established: 1935. …
  • Orange Bowl. Year Established: 1935. …
  • Rose Bowl. Year Established: 1902; played annually since 1916.

Do bowl games matter?

Just as important, programs that don’t go to bowls lose. But in most cases, going to a bowl game is much more important than winning it. … Though only two of the 41 bowl games played by 80 teams in the next month will matter as far as determining a national champion, they all matter.

What college bowl game is known as the granddaddy of them all?

The Rose Bowl Game is nicknamed “The Granddaddy of Them All” because it is the oldest currently operating bowl game. It was first played in 1902 as the Tournament East–West football game, and has been played annually since 1916. Since 1945, it has been the highest attended college football bowl game.

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