What helps homesickness in college?

How do I stop feeling homesick?

Cures for Homesickness

  1. Bring a little bit of home with you. If you’re going away from home, bring your pillow or your favorite pajamas. …
  2. Keep busy. The more fun stuff you do, the less time you’ll have to feel homesick. …
  3. Stay in touch. …
  4. Talk to someone where you are.

Why do college students feel homesick?

One of the reasons why college freshmen get homesick is because they are away from their normal and familiar routine. By creating a routine in your new environment, campus life starts to feel more manageable and familiar.

What percentage of college students get homesick?

Homesickness is a common phenomenon for college students, especially among first year students. According to Hap.org, over 30 percent of college students experience some form of homesickness and around 70 percent of freshmen go through severe homesickness.

How long does homesickness last in college?

One of the most tough times when moving to college was dealing with homesickness, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t last forever. How long does college homesickness last? College homesickness is the worst in the first week to month of moving to college, and slowly subsides after the first month.

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Is homesickness a mental illness?

Homesickness is not a mental illness, and does not require treatment. However, therapy can help people adjust to new environments. In some cases, homesickness may lead to or exacerbate certain mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Does homesickness ever go away?

Homesickness is an awful feeling, but it should go away pretty quickly. Keep yourself busy and don’t just think about your home; focus on what you’re doing now. When you get into the swing of your new location and actions, you’ll stop getting that pit-of-your-stomach feeling.

Is it okay to be homesick in college?

While homesickness is not a clinical diagnosis, it can increase feelings of anxiety or depression, experts note. … If college students can’t shake feeling homesick, they may consider campus resources available to them, such as a counseling center. “It’s okay to feel homesick, everyone does,” Scharp says.

How do I know if Im homesick?

The symptoms of homesickness includes yearning to go back home, constant feeling of loneliness, sadness for no valid reason, strong feelings of anxiousness, lack of motivation, loss of confidence, depressive thoughts, frequent mood swings, sense of insecurity, living in isolation and simple tasks appear difficult and …

What to do when you miss your parents at college?

Call Your Family

Remember, college is your parents’ first time without you home, so they miss you as much as you miss them. Call to tell them about your day and all the new things in your life. Calling about ordinary events will create a bridge of communication to keep you and your family connected.

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Is freshman year of college the hardest?

There is no question that the first semester of the freshman year of college is the most critical. Many studies show that freshman year is the time when students most likely drop out of college – if not permanently, then temporarily.

How common is homesickness?

Prevalence of Homesickness

Separation homesickness is a widespread and common component of the first-year student experience, with 30% of students reporting high levels of separation homesickness. However, distress is not common, as few first-year students reported high levels of distress homesickness.

What do you send homesick college students?

The Best Care Package Ideas For College Students

  1. Homesick Candle. (Source: Homesick Candle) …
  2. Starbucks gift cards. …
  3. Reusable travel mug. …
  4. Healthy snack boxes. …
  5. Loads of cleaning supplies. …
  6. New face masks. …
  7. Money Tree plant.


Is it normal to miss home at college?

Over 30 percent of college students experience low-level homesickness. And about 69 percent of first year college students experience severe homesickness. … Whether in or out-of-state or in a foreign country, students are entering a new phase of life and adjusting to a new place. Homesickness is normal.

Why do I get homesick so easily?

We get homesick because “there are things that we love,” said Thurber. “It’s the byproduct of the strength of our attachment. If there were nothing in the world we were attached to, then we wouldn’t miss them when we’re away.”

How often should you visit your child in college?

I would suggest visiting only one or two times a semester if you live a drivable distance away. First semester specifically is an important time for your freshman to transition to college life. If you live in the same town, visiting him every month or so may be best.

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