What grades do I need for Edinburgh University?

What grades do you need to get into the University of Edinburgh?

All candidates are required to have:

  • A relevant UK honours degree at 2:1 or above, or its international equivalent.
  • Higher Grade English (SCQF Level 6, or equivalent) at Grade C or above**


How hard is it to get into University of Edinburgh?

The University of Edinburgh Acceptance Rate in 2020 was 40% to 50% making the university moderately easy to get into. The University of Edinburgh acceptance rate for undergraduate admissions is 46% which means every 4 students out of a total 9 students successfully get admission. …

What GPA does Edinburgh require?

Successful completion of year one of University in the USA (we normally require a GPA of 3.0/4); or. Successful completion of a two year Associate Degree (we normally require a GPA of 3.0/4). Associate Degrees are considered on a case by case basis, we do not accept vocational subjects.

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What Gcses do you need to get into Edinburgh University?

We require you to achieve at least a GCSE in some subjects . Some of our subject areas are particularly competitive and attract many highly qualified applicants. In these circumstances we may consider the number of A*s or grade 8/9s you have achieved at GCSE , alongside your A Level grades.

Do universities accept lower grades?

Universities may accept lower grades or reduce the entry requirements for some courses in Clearing 2021. Be sure to reach out to the university first, explain your situation and see what they can verbally offer you.

Does Edinburgh University do interviews?

Interviews, tests and portfolios

Interviews and admissions tests do not normally form part of our admissions process, but there are some exceptions for specific programmes.

What is the acceptance rate to Harvard?

4.6% (2020)

What are the entry requirements for Edinburgh University?

Examples of our minimum entry requirements in the standardised tests are:

  • ACT score of 27 plus two AP scores at 4+ or two SAT subject tests at 650+
  • SAT score of 1290+ (650+ in Evidence based reading and Writing and 620+ in Math) plus two AP scores at 4+ or two SAT subject tests at 650+
  • 3 AP scores at 4+


How prestigious is University of Edinburgh?

The latest international university rankings have reaffirmed Edinburgh’s position as a leading global institution. The QS World University Rankings 2020 have placed the University 20th in the world. Edinburgh is once again fifth in the UK, the highest position of any Scottish university.

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What is St Andrews acceptance rate?

The Acceptance Rate of St. Andrews is 8.35%.

Does St Andrews take AP credit?

AP and SAT Subject Test scores will be used for admissions purposes only and no credits for advanced entry or exemptions will be awarded.

Is it hard to get into St Andrews in Scotland?

Andrews is exceptionally difficult to get into. Not only should you be aiming for a 3.15 but also SAT scores around -. Getting into University of St. Andrews is no easy feat and you will need to set yourself apart with more than just numbers and data.

Can you go to university with just GCSEs?

From GCSEs directly to university would just be far too great a jump, and you would be totally unprepared for it. Which is why successfully completing A levels (or equivalent) is a requirement at all UK universities. You need an HSC (Higher School Certificate), also referred as A Levels, to get a University.

What is the easiest GCSE?

  • GCSE Business Studies. Up first on this list is GCSE Business Studies as the 10th easiest GCSE you can do. …
  • GCSE Catering. After GCSE Business Studies, we have GCSE Catering. …
  • GCSE Design and Technology. …
  • GCSE Geography. …
  • GCSE Music. …
  • GCSE Physical Education. …
  • GCSE Religious Studies. …
  • GCSE Film Studies.

Can I go to uni without GCSEs?

Whether you just missed out on a grade at GCSE or lack certain subjects or qualifications, you can still get to university if you’re willing to put some extra work in.

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