Quick Answer: How do I talk to a college recruiter?

What do you say to a college recruiter?

What to say when emailing a college coach

  • Your general information: Name, graduation year, high school and club name.
  • Academics: GPA, test scores, if they would be important information for the coach you’re emailing.
  • Athletics: sports specific stats and relevant measurables.

How do you impress a college recruiter?

The best way to make sure you impress rather than depress a coach is to be prepared. Anticipate the questions he or she might ask, know a little bit about their program and be ready with your answers. College coaches want outgoing, confident players who will represent their program in a positive light.

What questions do college recruiters ask?

In preparation for your next conversation with a coach, here my top 10 questions a college coach might ask and some help with your answers:

  • “How are your grades?” …
  • “What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?” …
  • “What sets you apart from other recruits/players?” …
  • “What other colleges are recruiting you?”
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Is it OK to text a college coach?

It is completely OK to text a college coach.

Be sure, however, that texting a coach is the appropriate form of contact. By the time you begin texting a coach, you should generally have had prior contact via both email and phone calls.

What should you not say to a college coach?

What “Not” to Say to a College Coach

  • Avoid: Overselling your abilities. There is never a reason for you to oversell your abilities. …
  • Avoid: Bad-mouthing your high school coaches. …
  • Avoid: Comparing yourself to others. …
  • Avoid: Talking about how coachable you are.

When should you contact college coaches for recruiting?

It is best to contact a coach as soon as you have identified their school and program as a place you would like to go to college. Athletes and families are reaching out, emailing, calling or visiting programs as soon as their 8th grade or freshman years of high school. This is a good time to begin contacting coaches.

How do you get noticed by college?

How to Get Noticed by College Coaches and Scouts

  1. Research Each Team by Visiting Their University’s Sports Webpage. …
  2. Look for Athletes From Your Area and Ask Them for Information and Help. …
  3. Talk About the Majors/Academic Programs that Interest You at Their School. …
  4. Ask Informed Questions.


Is it better to text or email a college coach?

Texting allows you to respond faster and get to know the coach on a more personal level. … However, coaches cannot begin actively recruiting them until June 15th after their sophomore year. If you would like to communicate with a college coach before then, your high school coach can often serve as an intermediary.

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How do you know if you’re being recruited?

If a coach gives you his personal cell phone or email address, that is a sign that you are being recruited. When a college coach comes to your home field to watch you play. This shows that a college coach is interested in watching you play.

How do you ask a college coach where you stand?

You have to ask some preliminary questions to coaches before asking where you stand on their list.

  1. Ask them if they have seen you play? …
  2. Ask them if you’re an ideal recruit for their program? …
  3. Ask them how many (your position) they are looking at for (your graduation class)?


What do campus recruiters look for?

Here is the list of qualities I look for: Good attitude, good communicator, easy to connect with. Confidence. Has a plan when they speak to me.

What will college coaches ask you?

When talking to potential student athletes, college coaches often ask questions that will help them understand not only how you play, but also how you think, your sport culture, and your self-assessment as a player, to help the coach determine how you might fit into their program.

Should I call college coaches?

The short answer is yes, you should call college coaches.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn more about the coach and their program. Generally, it’s a good idea to reach out to a college coach by email first and express interest in their team.

What should I expect at a college recruiting visit?

With most visits, you will be on the campus for about (but no more than) 48 hours, and you will experience every aspect of college life, from checking out a practice, watching a game, and touring the campus to eating at the cafeteria, going to class, and joining in on the social atmosphere.

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