Is Joe Burrow the greatest college QB ever?

There’s certainly a strong argument to be made Burrow had the best individual season by a quarterback in college football history. He set FBS records with 65 total touchdowns, 60 passing touchdowns and a 202 passer rating.

Who is the greatest college quarterback of all time?

Greatest Quarterbacks in College Football History

  1. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow won two national titles at Florida.
  2. Tommie Frazier. Tommie Frazier won two national titles as Nebraska’s starter. …
  3. Vince Young. …
  4. Baker Mayfield. …
  5. Case Keenum. …
  6. Matt Leinart. …
  7. Deshaun Watson. …
  8. Danny Wuerffel. …

Is Joe Burrow one of the best college QB ever?

THE end result of Burrow’s senior year was a statistical season for the ages, with LSU’s quarterback not only leading the NCAA in passing with 5,671 yards (the 3rd most ever by a collegiate QB), but he was deadly accurate in doing so — finishing with the highest completion percentage in the nation (76.3% on 402-of-527 …

Is Joe Burrow the greatest of all time?

“He’s one of the greatest players in LSU history,” head coach Ed Orgeron said following the win. “He’s on a soapbox for the state of Louisiana and LSU. … For the season, Burrow threw 60 touchdown passes and accounted for 65 touchdowns—more than any player in a single season in college football history.

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Why Joe Burrow is the best?

It’s uncharacteristic from Burrow, who made his name last year as one of the greatest deep-ball throwers in college football history. Pro Football Focus graded Burrow’s deep passing at LSU as a 99.3 out of 100. Burrow threw 26 touchdowns on targets deeper than 20 yards and just two interceptions on such attempts.

Who is the Number 1 college quarterback?

Tier I

Player (School) TD/INT Rating
1. Sam Howell (North Carolina) 4.29 179.1
2. Spencer Rattler (Oklahoma) 4.00 172.6
3. Dillon Gabriel (UCF) 8.00 156.3
4. Grayson McCall (Coastal Carolina) 8.67 184.3

Who is the number 1 QB in college football?


Rank Name Position
Rank Name Position
1 Mac Jones QB
2 Zach Wilson QB
3 Kaleb Eleby QB

Is burrow a good QB?

After his first ten career games, Burrow had 2,688 yards, 13 touchdowns, and five interceptions. While everyone would have liked to see him stay healthy and finish out the season, he showed enough potential for the organization to move forward knowing they have a future star at quarterback.

Where does Joe Burrow rank all time?

LSU Football’s Joe Burrow Ranked No. 5 in ESPN’s Top 60 Quarterbacks of the 2000s – Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

What is Joe Burrow completion percentage?

2 in school history in career completions (621), No. 4 in attempts (906), No. 1 in completion percentage (68.5), No. 2 in passing yards (8565), No.

What is Joe Burrow best at?

PFF summarizes the 2019 season Burrow had leading LSU to the National Championship. Burrow arguably had the best season by a college football history. In a 15-0 season, Burrow completed 76.3 percent of his passes for 5,671 yards, averaged 10.8 yards per attempt with 60 touchdowns and six interceptions.

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Is Joe Burrow a nice guy?

Speaking with local media on Thursday, Young raved about the player Burrow has become. … He’s a good guy, a hard worker,” Young said. “He’s turned out to be a great player.” Burrow is best known for his Heisman Trophy season with LSU last fall, but the quarterback’s college career began at Ohio State.

Did Joe Burrow throw any interceptions?

Burrow finished the season with 2,894 yards passing, 16 touchdowns, and five interceptions.

How good could Joe Burrow be?

Burrow is actually a really good example of that. … Burrow’s deep-ball performance was also exceptional in 2019. He earned a 99.3 (out of 100) deep passing grade from PFF. His accuracy percentage on deep throws jumped from 60.7% in 2018 to 74.4% in 2019.

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