How long does it take to complete Air War College?

Program Timeline: The eSchool allows 60 months to complete this program. A student can reasonably complete the program in six to eight months. The eSchool recognizes that deployments, TDYs, moves, command tours, life issues, etc. will lengthen the time required for some students.

Can civilians attend Air War College?

About Air War College

The AWC resident program class membership includes officers from each US military services, civilian employees of federal government agencies, and officers from the international community.

Does ACSC count as JPME?

All eSchool IDE/ACSC DL graduates receive joint professional military education (JPME) phase I credit. … Students interested in earning a Master’s degree, in addition to IDE and JPME Phase I credit, should refer to the eSchool’s Online Master’s Program (OLMP) information page.

What degree is Air Command and Staff College?

This chief of staff initiative is designed to boost “intellectual throw weight” within the Air Force. Students completing the program earn a master’s degree in military operational art and science. This is the same degree now earned by students attending ACSC in-residence.

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What is SDE in the Air Force?

The United States Air Force provides a continuum of professional military education at Air University with Basic Developmental Education (BDE), Primary Developmental Education (PDE), Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE), and Senior Developmental Education (SDE).

What is the war college in DC?

The National War College (NWC) of the United States is a school in the National Defense University.

National War College.

Shield of the National War College
Type Federal staff college
Established July 1, 1946
Parent institution National Defense University
Location Fort Lesley J. McNair Washington, D.C. , United States

How do I join ACSC Air Force?

Eligibility: ACSC is open to Active Duty Major selects and above; Guard and Reserve for all branches of service; and civilian personnel (GS-12 with 2 years in service and bachelor’s degree). Enroll On-line: Member enrolls online. AUSIS will email the username to the student.

Is JPME required?

Per NAVADMIN 136/10, completion of JPME Phase I is now a requirement for assuming URL CDR command. JPME Phase I can be completed either through an “in residence” course or through distance learning. All of the intermediate service colleges offer distance learning and you will find some links below.

How long does it take to finish ACSC?

ACSC DL 6.0 is a rigorous program and requires a significant investment of time and attention to complete. Although it is possible to complete all requirements in 7 months, this requires significant focus and flexibility on the part of the student.

What is JPME level1?

JPME is usually divided into two phases: JPME Phase I consists of those joint learning objectives identified in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Officer Professional Military Education Policy (OPMEP) that are required to be included in intermediate and senior level service college’s curriculum; JPME Phase II …

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What does staff college mean?

staff college in British English

noun. a training centre for executive military personnel.

Who is the Air University commander?

Lt. Gen. James B. Hecker is Commander and President, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

Where is the US Air Force War College?

Headquartered at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama, its higher headquarters is the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

Air War College.

Established 1946
Location Montgomery , Alabama , US
Campus Maxwell-Gunter AFB


Developmental Education Level Air Force School Rank
Primary Development Education (PDE) Squadron Officer School (SOS) Capt
Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE) Air Command and Staff College (ACSC)* Maj
Senior Developmental Education (SDE) Air War College (AWC)** Lt Col

What is an IDE in war?

IDE. Independent Development Evaluator. Army, War, Force. Army, War, Force.

How long is the NCO Academy Air Force?

The Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy (AFSNCOA) is a resident CCAF-affiliated program that consists of 200 classroom hours. The curriculum prepares SNCOs for increased leadership responsibilities in the joint, combined, and inter-agency operating/strategic environment.

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