Frequent question: How long is the drive from San Antonio to College Station?

What is halfway between San Antonio and College Station?

Distance from San Antonio, TX to College Station, TX

The halfway point is Cedar Creek, TX. San Antonio, TX and College Station, TX are in the same time zone (CDT).

How far is San Antonio from College Station?

The distance from College Station to San Antonio is 154 miles. The road distance is 178 miles.

How far is Sedona from San Antonio?

The distance between San Antonio and Sedona is 867 miles.

How far is Big Springs from San Antonio?

There are 263.60 miles from San Antonio to Big Spring in northwest direction and 304 miles (489.24 kilometers) by car, following the US-87 N route. San Antonio and Big Spring are 5 hours 39 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How far is College Station from Corpus Christi?

The distance between College Station and Corpus Christi is 207 miles. The road distance is 315.3 miles.

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Is College Station a good place to live?

12 Reasons Bryan / College Station is one of the best places to live: … Cost of Living – while the median home value is higher than you would expect for a small town, the cost of living in B/CS is 6.7% less than the national average.

Why do they call it College Station?

The area was designated “College Station, Texas” by the Postal Service in 1877. The name was derived from the train station located to the west of the campus. Growth of both the community and college influenced residents’ desire to create a municipal government. The City of College Station was incorporated in 1938.

What major city is near Texas A&M?

College Station is a city in Brazos County, Texas, situated in East-Central Texas in the heart of the Brazos Valley, in the center of the region known as the Texas Triangle.

College Station, Texas
• City 51.30 sq mi (132.87 km2)
• Land 51.16 sq mi (132.50 km2)
• Water 0.14 sq mi (0.37 km2)
Elevation 338 ft (103 m)

How long is the drive from San Antonio to Sedona?

How long is the drive from San Antonio, TX to Sedona, AZ? The total driving time is 15 hours, 41 minutes.

How do you get to the Grand Canyon from Sedona?

Directions To The Grand Canyon South Rim

  1. Take Highway 89A North from Sedona through Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff.
  2. Take Highway 180 Northeast from Flagstaff to Highway 64.
  3. Continue North on Hwy 64 from Valle.
  4. Stop to see the Grand Canyon IMAX at Tusayan.
  5. Proceed to Grand Canyon Village.
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How can I get from Phoenix to Sedona?

There are three main ways to get from Phoenix to Sedona and vice versa: bus, shuttle, and car. Driving the 116 miles between the two cities yourself is by far the easiest and quickest way to get to Sedona from Phoenix, although it can be frustrating to drive when there’s an accident on I-17.

Is Big Spring Texas a good place to live?

Big Spring has a livability score of 73/100 and is ranked #984 in Texas and #7,388 in the USA. … The median home price for Big Spring homes is $72,200, which is 49.4% lower than the Texas average.

What major city is Big Spring Texas near?

With a population of 27,282 as of the 2010 census, it is the largest city between Midland to the west, Abilene to the east, Lubbock to the north, and San Angelo to the south.

Big Spring, Texas
• City Manager Todd Darden
• Total 19.00 sq mi (49.22 km2)
• Land 18.91 sq mi (48.99 km2)
Students area