Frequent question: How do I watch CNN Student News?

If you’d prefer, you can download CNN Student News to your desktop or iPod. Go to the Podcast page and look for the Student News podcast. Once you’ve signed up for the free subscription, every episode will automatically be downloaded to iTunes.

What is CNN10?

CNN 10 is a feature of the CNN website where middle and high school students can get news in 10-minute video segments. On the CNN 10 home page or YouTube page, students will find the video of the day followed by recent videos.

What is CNN10 news?

CNN10 (formerly CNN Student News) is a daily video newscast produced by CNN10 with anchor Carl Azuz. The program is designed specifically for middle and high school students. In a typical day, it’ll feature three to four stories, a bit of trivia, a funny viral video clip, and some closing puns.

Where is CNN10 located?


Broadcast area United States Canada Worldwide (via CNN International)
Slogan show List
Headquarters CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Language(s) English

How do you get a shout out on CNN 10?

There’s only one way to get a Shoutout dedicated to your school: Have your teacher take an original picture of the school, send it to us in an iReport, and we’ll do our best to get it on the air. A link to the iReport site is “In the Spotlight” on our home page.

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How old is Carl Azuz now?

Carl Azuz: Age explored

It has been reported that Carl Azuz is 31 years old as of June 2021. This is as the report states Carl Azuz was born on 14 August 1989.

Does CNN Student News still exist?

CNN Student News — Welcome to CNN Student News, a daily commercial-free, ten-minute broadcast of the day’s news geared for middle- and high-school students. CNN Student News can be found on air and online, and whether you’re brand new to the program or a longtime viewer, we’ve got new things in store for you.

Is CNN 10 appropriate for 6th grade?

Excellent way for kids (and parents) to keep up with world events. We learned about CNN10 from our 6th grade son, who watches it every day in his social studies class.

What was CNN10 called before?

On the December 16, 2016 newscast of CNN Student News (which was, in fact, the last time it has been called CNN Student News), its host Carl Azuz stated that on January 5 of next year, it would become CNN 10, which basically translates to “CNN’s 10 minutes of world news coverage” and reflects as more than a “student …

Who does CNN10?


As part of AT&T’s Youth Voices Collective, CNN 10 has produced special editions featuring CNN 10 anchor and writer Carl Azuz to answer student questions about journalism and newswriting. Topics include: Objectivity in Journalism, Checking Sources, On-Camera Delivery, and Effective Newswriting.

Who owns CNN now?

Turner Broadcasting System

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What is Carl Azuz salary?

Azuz, 6′ 2″, earns his salary from his anchoring which sums up to $200k annual salary and has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Is Carl Azuz a dad?

it turns out that Carl Azuz is actually the father of “Jessica Azus“ her previous last name was “Jessica kharleson”, but upon the news of her being the daughter of Carl Azuz she immediately used her rights to change her name.

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