Does Lone Star College require SAT scores?

Students may either take the TSIA2 or show scores from other accepted assessments approved for placement. Approved assessments are the TSIA2, ACT, SAT, and STAAR.

What are the requirements to get into Lone Star College?

Apply to Lone Star College

  • Apply to Lone Star College.
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Completion of all 4 Pharmacy prerequisite courses (PHRA 1202, PHRA 1305, PHRA 1309 and PHRA 1413) with a grade of C or better.
  • Texas State Board of Pharmacy Background Check.

What GPA is required for LoneStar?

Have a 2.0 cumulative GPA at the 70% point of the degree plan.

How do I send my SAT scores to Lone Star College?

Visit to request that your official SAT scores be sent to Lone Star College (School Code: 006508).

How long does it take to get accepted into Lone Star College?

Admissions Criteria for Credit Courses

Applicants are typically admitted within one business day and may attend any college within the LSC system.

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Is Lone Star College a 4 year school?

Starting in fall 2020, Lone Star College will be one of the first community colleges in the state where students can work toward certain four-year degrees. … “This is a significant milestone for Lone Star College,” LSC Chancellor Stephen C. Head said in a press release.

How many hours are transferable at Lone Star College?

Transfer to a University

Most baccalaureate degree plans are 120 hours, but students should check their intended degree at their transfer institution. Not all universities have the same policy for excess hours – students are encouraged to talk with their transfer institution if concerned about excess hours.

What is a passing grade at Lonestar?

In order to pass the class with a grade of C or better, a student must score at least 50% on the final exam and have an overall average of at least 70%. Students who do not take the final exam by the scheduled time, will receive a grade of 0 for the final exam to be used to calculate the students average.

Is D passing in college?

Is a D Considered Passing? A letter grade of a D is technically considered passing because it not a failure. A D is any percentage between 60-69%, whereas a failure occurs below 60%. Even though a D is a passing grade, it’s barely passing.

Is Lone Star a good college?

The Lone Star College System is overall a great school and has a nice learning environment. They provide many resources that help me to better myself in my studies and also have an awesome staff who are always there to help in any way possible.

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Can I take the TSI online Lonestar?

The test is online and contains questions aligned to the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards. Based on how students perform on the TSI-A, they may be enrolled in coursework that aligns with their skills, or be placed in an appropriate developmental course/intervention to improve their skills.

Can you take placement test online?

They are used to determine if students have the knowledge and abilities that are needed for college-level courses. These tests are not offered online. Accuplacer exams must be completed at an approved testing location, where test-takers are supervised for the duration of the test.

Does Lone Star College require an essay?


Institutions do not require all four essays but usually specify required ones. Unless otherwise specified, your essay(s) should be typed and be no longer than one to two pages (8 1/2” x 11”).

Does Lone Star College have dorms?

Does Lone Star College System have on-campus housing? No, we do not have on-campus housing for any students, domestic or international. … All Lone Star College System students are subject to the academic requirements of the State of Texas and Lone Star College System.

Can I still apply for Lonestar?

Good news—your application is still valid. Simply log in to the myLoneStar student portal to register for class. If you attended LSC more than two years ago, please complete the New Student Admission steps above.

Does Lone Star College require ACT scores?

College Placement Tests & Score Requirements

Students may either take the TSIA2 or show scores from other accepted assessments approved for placement. Approved assessments are the TSIA2, ACT, SAT, and STAAR.

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