Best answer: Which field is best for CSE students?

Which course is best for CSE students?

The following courses are good for CSE students: Web Development. Mobile Application Development.

Highest Paid Engineering Degrees are:

  • Computer Science.
  • Aerospace engineering.
  • Electrical engineering.
  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Biomedical engineering.

Which jobs are in demand for CSE students?

Top 6 Jobs with a Computer Science Degree

  • Full Stack Web Developer. A full stack web developer is well-versed in both front- and back-end web development. …
  • Mobile Application Developer. …
  • Software Engineer. …
  • Systems Architect. …
  • Machine Learning Engineer. …
  • Data Engineer.

Which field of computer science is in demand?

1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence is perhaps one of the most exciting fields of Computer Science. It has been around for quite some time now and it still continues to grow and expand.

Is CSE good for future?

There is a huge Future Scope of CSE in terms of placements. … Programming involves a lot of innovations and students who love programming and designing or have a creative mind with a good understanding of coding can get into CSE and fit in very easily.

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Is CSE tough?

The CSE course is not as challenging as people think. It is a relatively easier subject than the core branches of engineering like mechanical or electrical. But, you need to be thorough with the subject. If you don’t have an interest in the subject, you will not understand the topics.

Which job is best for girls?

The 15 best-paying jobs for women in 2018

  1. Chief executive. Number of women: 313,000.
  2. Pharmacist. Number of women: 147,000. …
  3. Nurse practitioner. Number of women: 129,000. …
  4. Physician/Surgeon. Number of women: 352,000. …
  5. Lawyer. Number of women: 337,000. …
  6. Physician assistant. …
  7. Computer and information systems manager. …
  8. Software developer. …


Can a computer science student become a doctor?

Your 12th standard subject are Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science so you are not eligible for MBBS course. Candidates who have completed 12th standard with above 50% marks are eligible for MBBS entrance exam but your 12th standard subject should be Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.

Which computer field is best?

Best Computer Jobs for the Future

  • IT Security Specialist. …
  • Video Game Designer. …
  • Computer Systems Analyst. …
  • Web Developer. …
  • Health Information Technician. …
  • Technology Manager. …
  • Database Administrator. …
  • Network Administrator. Network Administrator Employment Projections | 2019 – 2029.


What are the 3 best companies for CS?

Here we have listed out 15 of the top computer science companies which are highly recommended for you to work 2020… and 2021 as well.

  • HCL. …
  • Google. …
  • Wipro. …
  • Tech Mahindra. …
  • IBM. …
  • Microsoft. …
  • Mphasis. …
  • HP Inc. HP Inc is the technology division of HP catering to development of PCs and printers.
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Which fields are in demand?

Top 7 Jobs in Demand in 2021 [And How to Prepare Yourself?]

  • AI Specialist. Machine Learning Salary in India.
  • Data Scientist. Data Scientist Salary in India.
  • Robotics Engineer.
  • Data Analysts.
  • Full Stack Engineer. Full Stack Developer Salary in India.
  • Cybersecurity Specialist.
  • Cloud Engineer.

Which country is best for computer science jobs?

Top 10 countries for Software engineers / Developers/ Data Scientists to work

  • Australia.
  • Netherlands.
  • Germany.
  • USA.
  • Sweden.
  • Denmark.
  • Singapore.
  • United Kingdom.


What is the salary of CSE?

After obtaining a degree in CSE, you can expect handsome salary packages in government as well as private sector. IT sector is the higher salary provider sector. A fresher can get the initial package of 2 lakh per annum to 3 lakh per annum in India.

Which is better CSE or IT?

If we compare both the branches then CSE has more scope than IT. CSE: Job openings for Software professionals is much higher in the corporate sector than in public sector. … IT Specialists are required in almost all range of employment fields such as finance, arts, medicine, defense, and other areas.

Is CSE easy?

CSE is very easy for those who are interested to work on programming language. It is not only about programming it’s all about understanding the machine also. So it is easy if we understand the machine. It is easy, as compared to the mechanical and other branches.

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