Should a high school student get a credit card?

Should students in high school have a credit card?

But credit cards can be a valuable financial tool when used responsibly. Whether you’re living at home or on campus, you might consider getting a student credit card. If you use your credit card responsibly, it can be an excellent way to build a credit history and establish a credit score at a young age.

Is it good to have a credit card as a teenager?

Teenagers can learn from carrying credit cards. They can learn about credit scores, paying bills on time, staying out of debt and much more. It can teach your child that credit cards can be a helpful tool if used properly and responsibly. … You don’t have to ask for money or carry cash if you have a credit card.

Should you get a credit card as a student?

Student credit cards usually have lower credit limits, higher APRs and they tend to offer fewer rewards. However, used in the right way, student credit cards can be a great way to manage your finances and build your credit score.

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What is the best credit card for high school students?

Here’s a Summary of Best Student Credit Cards

  • Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card for Students.
  • Discover it® Student Cash Back.
  • Bank of America® Cash Rewards Credit Card for Students.
  • Discover it® Student chrome.
  • Chase Freedom® Student credit card.
  • Deserve® EDU Mastercard for Students.


When should my teenager get a credit card?

How Young Is Too Young? Although credit card companies don’t always have age limits on when teenagers can get credit cards on their own, it’s typical for most people to wait until age 18.

Where can you get a credit card at 16?

Best Credit Cards for Teens

  • OverallCapital One Platinum Credit Card.
  • College StudentsJourney Student Rewards from Capital One.
  • Travel RewardsBank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card for Students.
  • RewardsCapital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card.
  • SecuredDiscover it® Secured Credit Card.

What is the best credit card to get for a teenager?

The Capital One® Secured Mastercard® is great for teens who are trying to build their credit. Credit activity will be reported to all three major credit bureaus. And your teen may be considered for a higher credit limit in as little as six months.

How can I get a credit card at 13?

How Can a Teenager Get a Credit Card?

  1. Add your teen as an authorized user on one of your current accounts.
  2. Open a separate low-limit credit card for your teen (to use as an authorized user) if you’d rather not have her on an account you use regularly.
  3. Help your teen pick her own starter credit card once she’s 18.
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Does a student credit card build credit?

When used responsibly, Discover student credit cards are a great way to build credit while earning cash back rewards on every purchase. That’s because Discover reports your credit history to the three major credit bureaus so it can help build your credit if used responsibly.

Can a student get a credit card with no income?

If you don’t have any form of income, you can open your own credit card account by having a family member co-sign. If your parents or other family members are willing to do so, opening a joint account can help build your credit while giving you access to the rewards and benefits that a student credit card offers.

Can a student get a credit card without a job?

Cosigners can act as collateral for students with no income

A small handful of major credit card issuers will sometimes allow you to apply for a credit card with a qualified cosigner. In particular, Bank of America and U.S. Bank are occasionally known to approve credit card cosigners.

Can I get my 16 year old a credit card?

You can’t get your own credit card if you’re under the age of 18. But you can become an authorized user (more on that below). Even after you turn 18, the Credit CARD Act of 2009 states you’ll need to have either proof of independent income or a cosigner over the age of 21.

What prepaid card can a 16 year old get?

Visa Buxx is a prepaid, reloadable Visa card created especially for teens. Visa Buxx makes it easy for parents to teach teens how to create a budget, manage money, and shop wisely. The card can be used everywhere that accepts Visa debit cards – that’s millions of locations worldwide.

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How can I build my credit at 16?

How to build credit for teens

  1. Encourage your teenager to get a job. Your teen will be more invested in managing his or her money if it’s hard-earned. …
  2. Open checking and savings accounts. …
  3. Consider putting one of your household bills in your teen’s name. …
  4. Obtain a secured credit card.
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