Is there a horde at Chemult college?

The horde is living inside one of the empty carriages. The Chemult Community College area of Highway 97 is a sports field filled with challenges for Deacon to overcome. … The horde that lives here are hundreds of freakers strong, they rest in the tents in the middle of the sports field.

Can you skip the Chemult horde?

There’s no way to skip the cave horde. It took me a few tries but explosives will help. There is also the Sawmill Horde later in the game. You can exploit it by standing on a cable reel which they can’t reach.

How do you beat the Chemult horde in days gone?

Throw one or two Napalm Molotov into the Horde at the beginning of the battle. So try to aim to burn up as many monsters as possible. You can use focus if you want to take the second shot with more precision. Another Napalm Molotov can be used after the Horde begins to pursue Deacon.

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What is the easiest horde in days gone?

Death train horde can be relatively easy. Run in and attract them, try to lure them all around the gas truck, fire a few bullets at the gas truck and most of the horde is done for. Any horde around Copeland’s Camp doesn’t have more than 20-40. Those are the easiest hordes in the game.

How many Freakers are in the sawmill horde?

The horde at the Old Sawmill is one of the largest you’ll find in the game, with around 500 freakers ready to chomp down on Deacon’s flesh.

Do hordes regenerate in days gone?

There are 40 zombie hordes in Days Gone that are related to the story. When you eliminate these hordes, they are completely wiped out from the game & will not respawn. However, if you only defeat a portion of these hordes, they will grow back in number over time.

How many times do you have to die to skip the sawmill horde?

User Info: reason. Dude, you only have to die like 4-5 times and the game with give you the option to skip fighting the horde and it’ll automatically kill them for you.

Can you kill the sawmill horde before the mission?

Yes, if they stop spewing it should autocomplete the mission when you arrive. It’s right near the end of the game.

Can you avoid hordes in days gone?

No, you don’t have to fight with every Horde.

You can go avoid them, even when some of the Freakers have spotted Deacon. Start attacking Hordes after you make enough progress, e.g. unlock useful skills, increase your stats, get better weapons or find schematics for bombs or traps.

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What’s the best gun in days gone?

15 Best Weapons In Days Gone

  1. 1 Chicago Chopper. Styled on the famous Tommy Gun, this is the best weapon that a player can get in Days Gone.
  2. 2 . 50 BFG. …
  3. 3 Stinger SMG. …
  4. 4 MWS. …
  5. 5 PPSH-41. …
  6. 6 PDW. …
  7. 7 Boozer’s Shotgun. …
  8. 8 Drifter Crossbow. …


Will there be days gone 2?

Days Gone 2 has reportedly been shelved by Sony, a new report by Bloomberg claims. Published in April 2020, Bloomberg suggests that Sony Interactive Entertainment has passed on the option to release a sequel to Days Gone.

What happens when you clear all hordes days gone?

There are a total of 40 hordes roaming around the forest and Deacon will have probably killed at least a few during the main story. These hordes don’t respawn and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Do the camps a favor and take them out. Grab the best weapons out there, load up on ammo, grab some napalm and go to town.

Can hordes climb ladders days gone?

Freakers Can’t Climb Ladders

The Freakers in Days Gone are more agile than average zombies, closer to the animal-like swarms found in World War Z than the braindead shamblers of a George Romero movie.

How do you beat the sawmill horde?

Use at least two bottles with Napalm and throw them into the largest clusters of Freakers to set fire to as many monsters as possible. Once the Horde will notice Deacon and begin the chase, run to the places where you have placed traps, so the monsters are going to fall in them.

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How many zombies are in the Chemult horde?

Highway 97 Region:

Scott Ski Resort Horde – 125. 28) Sagebrush Point Horde – 125. 29) Beasley Lake Horde – 125. 30) Chemult Station Horde – 125.

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