How many speakers are in Chemult Community College Nero checkpoint?

How many speakers are in Chemult?

Once this operation is completed, take care of the 6 speakers on the roofs of the 3 main buildings of the Checkpoint (pictures3-4). When you are finished, go to the center of the camp and destroy the speaker on the broken projector (picture5).

How do you get into the Chemult Community College Nero checkpoint?

You cannot enter the site. You can only take down the 3 outside. There is a main mission where Sarah gets on your bike called “can I ask you something”. She rides with you to the community college site.

How do I restore power at Chemult community college?

Days Gone: Restore power – Chemult Community College NERO Checkpoint

  1. Like with any NERO Checkpoint, you need to get power to the MMU, but also disable the Loudspeakers that are in the area.
  2. To disable the speakers, climb up onto the MMU’s on the Eastern side and climb up the crates to reach the top of the Eastern MMU.


How do I find out how many days a fuse has gone?

Inside the nest you find a fuse. Use this fuse at the fuse box of the Nero building. Then you must grab fuel (found in the tent) and carry it around the back of the checkpoint. There you can climb up and find the generator behind the Nero building.

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Where is the fuse at Santiam tunnel Nero checkpoint?

Nero Fuse Location

After you silence both speakers it’s time to start the generator. But first, you’ll need a Nero Fuse located inside a Freakers Nest (pictured above). Once you burn the nest close to the tunnel’s entrance grab the fuse on the ground, then place it in the fuse box on the MMU building’s front wall.

Where is the Chemult Community College horde?

The horde is living inside one of the empty carriages. The Chemult Community College area of Highway 97 is a sports field filled with challenges for Deacon to overcome. There’s an infestation zone near the south end of the field, and a Nero Checkpoint to the north.

Is there a horde at Chemult college?

Chemult Community College Horde is a Horde Killer mission in Days Gone.

How do I restore power in days gone?

To restore the power, you just need to clear out the area and locate a fuel can. Use this fuel can to refuel the generator and hit the button.

What are Nero research sites?

Here’s our list of Nero Research Sites:

  • Cascade – Nero Research Site location 1.
  • Cascade – Nero Research Site location 2.
  • Cascade – Nero Research Site location 3.
  • Cascade – Nero Research Site location 4.
  • Belknap – Nero Research Site location 1.
  • Belknap – Nero Research Site location 2.
  • Lost Lake – Nero Research Site location 1.

Where do you put the Nero fuse?

Nero Fuse Location

In order to start the Marion Forks Tunnel Generator, first, you’ll need a fuse. You can find it sitting inside a crate in the container on the left side of the tunnel’s entrance. Check the crate and retrieve the Nero Fuse, then place it in the control panel located on the building’s wall.

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Where is the Nero fuse?


Inside there, head over to the East, into the next tent. From there, go to the South, out of the window. Climb into the next tent and go to the chest between the 2 beds. Open the chest and then collect the NERO Fuse inside it.

What Nero checkpoints have fuses?

Marion Forks Tunnel, Santium Tunnel, Spruce Lake and Chelmut Community College checkpoints all require the fuse. you are a goddamn life saver dude.

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