Do high expectations affect student achievement?

This is particularly important in the context of learning, because how well we expect to perform, or how well teachers expect their students to perform, can influence the outcome. In general, high expectations improve performance, whereas low expectations seem to undermine achievement.

Can a teacher’s expectation affect a student’s achievement?

Teachers are the single most important in-school factor that affects student achievement. … A growing body of research suggests that the expectations a teacher sets for an individual student can significantly affect the student’s performance.

How expectations affect students success?

In this case, high expectations about a student could translate into more school and teacher resources being devoted to the student or more effort on the part of the student. As a result, the student might achieve more, and in turn, the original expectations align with the student’s ultimate educational attainment.

What role does high teacher expectation play in student achievement?

Rosenthal and Jacobson (1968) originally proposed that teacher expectations act as self-fulfilling prophecies because student achievement reflects expectations. Once teachers form expectations, they convey them to students through smiles, eye contact, and supportive and friendly actions.

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What does high expectations for all students mean?

In education, the term high expectations, or the phrase common high expectations, typically refers to any effort to set the same high educational standards for all students in a class, school, or education system.

What is the relationship between teacher expectations social class and student achievement?

Research on second and foreign language learning suggests that the expectations that teachers form for their students can often have an impact on students’ behavior and achievement. Some teachers tend to convey differential expectations to students, which appear to have self-fulfilling prophecy effects on them.

What expectations should a teacher give to the students?

  • Respect yourself, the teacher & others. · …
  • Put forth your best effort at all times. · …
  • Be prepared for class each day. · Come prepared with all materials necessary: …
  • Follow directions when given. · …
  • Pay attention, participate and ask questions. · …
  • Preserve a positive learning environment. · …
  • Take responsibility for your actions. ·

Why are high expectations important for students?

Importance of High Expectations

When teachers have high expectations for students and provide tasks that are engaging and of high interest, students build self-esteem, increase confidence and improve academic performance (Brophy, 2008; 2010).

How do expectations affect us?

Expectations are the strong belief that something will happen or be the case. More than anything else, our expectations determine our reality. And our expectations also impact those around us. In a self-fulfilling prophecy, people may rise or fall depending on our expectations and beliefs.

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How does expectations affect learning?

Researchers found expectations during the predictions affect the activity of various brain networks. During learning, the brain is a prediction engine that continually makes theories about our environment and accurately registers whether an assumption is true or not.

What are student expectations?

Behavior expectations are procedures and rules that are taught to students to encourage positive behaviors and prevent problem behaviors. They form important building blocks for a positive school culture.

How do teachers affect students performance?

A teacher’s influence, ideas and expectations of his or her students’ capabilities have an effect on student academic performance and achievements. … When students are viewed in a negative way by their teachers such as, being lazy, unmotivated and having no abilities, they take on those beliefs about themselves.

How can high expectations have a positive effect?

The study found that the higher the pressure expectations in a lesson the harder a student worked in subsequent lessons. … Those pupils who believed in their ability and who had success in one learning task were more likely to approach a subsequent learning task more positively.

What are some high expectations for students?

How to set high Expectations for Students

  • Teach about Growth Mindsets. …
  • Focus on Effort, not Excellence. …
  • Ask Students to Try Again. …
  • Express Unconditional Positive Regard. …
  • Provide Difficult but Achievable Tasks. …
  • Identify Causes of Poor Quality Work. …
  • Be a Role Model. …
  • Only Praise Behaviors that are Praise-Worthy.


How do you set high expectations for students?

Make more negative statements about learning and behaviour. Make more positive statements and create a positive class climate. Set global goals for learning as a frame for planning teaching. Set specific goals with students that are regularly reviewed and used for teaching and learning.

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What will I do to communicate high expectations to students?


  1. Communicate clear expectations. Be specific in what you expect students to know and be able to do.
  2. Create an environment in which there is genuine respect for students and a belief in their capability. Encourage students to meet expectations for a particular task. Offer praise when standards are me.
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