Do college dorms get robbed?

Yet, before all that the most exciting time for any college students is when they finally grasp their independence through their dorm life. However, living in the dorms can be dangerous as 11,000 dormitory robberies occur every year.

Do things get stolen in dorms?

Theft in Dorms. … Dorms are communal living spaces, and dorm residents do steal from one another. Theft might be even more likely if you live in a high-traffic dorm with lots of people coming and going. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to be a little more vigilant in your living space.

Is theft common in college dorms?

According to the dorm security data, there were a total of 62,787 burglaries, robberies and vehicle thefts across the US college dorms from 2012 to 2014. And dorm burglaries are the TOP 1 college dorm security threat, accounting for 70% of the total crimes, while 15.4% were vehicle thefts and 7.6% were dorm robberies.

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Do college roommates steal?

Yes stuff gets stolen in residence halls and roommates are notorious for borrowing stuff, but no, roommates do not steal from each other.

How do you prevent theft in a dorm?

Tips for Keeping Your Dorm Safe

  1. Lock up or hide your valuables. …
  2. Obey access rules for the exterior of the building. …
  3. Keep your room door locked. …
  4. Don’t leave valuables out in plain sight. …
  5. Keep an inventory of all your valuables. …
  6. Get insurance. …
  7. Remember the buddy system. …
  8. Lock your door even when you’re in your room.


Do things get stolen at college?

Half of all on-campus crimes are thefts. Here’s how to help teens keep their laptops, smartphones, bikes, and other favorite things. … In 2014, there were 13,500 thefts reported on college campuses, according to a National Center for Education Statistics report.

Do laptops get stolen in college?

These days, laptops are as common in our schools as backpacks, notebooks and pencils. In fact, most colleges (and many high schools) now require that every student own one. … If you leave your laptop unattended, it could easily get stolen while you’re gone.

Can I have a safe in my dorm?

Yes, bringing a safe or lockbox to college can be a great idea. It allows you to secure your belongings in your room and can give you peace of mind when living with a new roommate. Small safes can be relatively inexpensive and easy to get, and some are even small enough to fit into a desk drawer.

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Do roommates matter College?

Your college roommate isn’t just someone you share a fridge with – roomies can have a big impact on your academic achievement, health and social attitudes. And it’s no wonder, considering students spend more time with their roommates each week than with their friends.

Should I bring a safe to college?

Experian’s Frost said she thinks college students overall need to be more aware of the ID theft risks. And she thinks a small safe for a college dorm room is not a bad idea, as important papers can be stored when not in use. … Just seeing a safe in a dorm room might attract more interest from a thief, he said.

What if my roommate steals from me?

If you suspect your roommate is stealing from you, casually mention that you noticed an item was missing. Then ask if they’ve seen it. Regardless of their answer, they’re now aware you know it’s missing and, if they didn’t take it, can help you find it. File a police report.

Can I call the cops on my roommate?

In extreme situations that escalate to violence, you should not hesitate to call the police if your roommate is threatening your safety or otherwise breaking the law. The landlord likely will start eviction proceedings against the roommate, in part to avoid liability if the roommate does eventually harm you.

How can I prove someone stole money from me?

If someone has stolen money and you want him held criminally responsible – and hopefully return the money – you normally need to contact the police to file a complaint. This includes filling out a police report and presenting the evidence that you have.

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Are college campuses safe at night?

College campuses are safe places for students, but you must take the proper precautions to protect yourself. By being prepared and aware of your personal safety, you can reduce your risk when you are on campus at night.

What to do when you lock yourself out of your dorm?

If you’re low on funds and need some other crafty way to break in: try bobby pins, a safety pin, or a nail clipper. Anything thin and metal to work the lock just enough to turn the knob and get your life back on track.

How do you not get stolen things in college?

Here are some tips for college students heading off to school to help minimize their chances of becoming a victim of theft on campus.

  1. Leave valuables at home. …
  2. Take inventory. …
  3. Don’t leave items unattended. …
  4. Keep financial documents in a safe place. …
  5. Watch your financial statements. …
  6. Be careful about online information.


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